Tuesday, September 15, 2015



Well, one of my all time favorite characters is from Ann M. Martin's California Diaries. It was written in 1998. Its about 16 year old Christopher "Ducky" McCrae who asks himself so many questions in his journal. For starters, he's losing his friends. Jason is going by Jay and has joined the cool crowd and now has a girlfriend. Its a journal that has a lot of thought, and yet you have to come to your own conclusions. He won't come right out and say it. Perhaps it was because of the time it was written, but you are pretty sure Alex is his first love. They were best friends, who could talk hours on end. But things are changing. Perhaps Alex doesn't like himself. Maybe he knows more about who Ducky really is than Ducky even knows himself. He's worried that all his friends are girls, who are a couple years younger than he is. And of course, he's even more worried about Alex.

Yes, its one of those books where I wonder..what would he be doing right now?

Peter Lerangis helped Ann with the book. Who knows, maybe he wrote it. He is the author of the Seven Wonders series as well as the Drama Club series.

Recently, I came across the two journals of Ducky's..and it was like finding an old friend.

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  1. I read TONS of Ann M. Martin books when I was younger, but never checked out this series - it sounds interesting!



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