Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Oh Hollyoaks

I found a picture of Stuart Manning who plays Russ on Hollyoaks. Don't care so much for the arm pit, but I've never seen him with long hair. He should grow his hair back.

Maybe I'm around too many long haired guys, like Sam.

Of course, this week, I haven't seen much of anyone. Although, Kenny brought me jello cups and hung out with me for a while. But I have kissed him because mouth.

Its a little sore still from the root canal, but luckily, it only took an hour, now I need to get it capped, but I can't get in til Tuesday.

Acutually, I was looking for pictures of Andrew Moss on Hollyoaks. His character Rhys slept with Amy's Mom. He's her sister's boyfriend. It was so like..huh, when did that happen? Her Mom? What kind of guy is he?
Doesn't Andrew Moss make you think of Jonathan Ryhs Myers in this pic?
Well, must get back to Hollyoaks.

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Anonymous said...

i agree - stuart was so much sexier with all that chest hair to die for!