Friday, September 19, 2014

Its on my list

Well..the new TV season is on its way. Two new comedies I'm looking forward to are on NBC.

One stars Casey Wilson and its from the people of Happy Endings. Actually, I loved how Happy Endings started, but not so much the way it ended. She stars with Ken Marino in MARRY ME. You might remember Ken from PARTY DOWN.

The show is about Annie and Jake a long time couple who aren't exactly ready to say I DO.

The other show on NBC that I'm looking forward to about modern love is A To Z. Its a show about a look at a young couple's  relationship...from the beginning to the breakup and all the scenes inbetween. I am a Ben Feldman fan so I'm happy to see him starring in this show as Andrew. Christin Milloti plays Zelda his love interest. They get a little help from the wonderful Lenora Crichlow (the original Being Human). Also the show is narrated by Katey Seagal.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Charli XCX

Perhaps BOOM CLAP has reinvented Charli XCX being on the FAULT OF OUR STARS playlist. Also the CD True Romance is free now if you have AMAZON PRIME.

Peeps are saying her voice is a great combination with her music. The voice is Charlotte Emma Aitchison from Britain.