Monday, June 18, 2018

Manny & Wren

This was the last thing Manny expected. How could his closest friend Nico do this to him? Expect him to go to the airport and pick up this American girl.

Nico text him a picture of Wren. He could hardly pronounce her name and he was going to have live with her the next few weeks.

"It's either this, or you move out." Nico didn't sound to happy about this, but he was doing this because his ex, Ellie wanted him to look out for this New York friend of hers. "Sorry, it was last minute and since she's gonna be with you, I thought it best to let her know what she's in for." Of course, he reminded Manny he better behave himself.

Manny winced hard thinking this would be his worst summer ever. He hated the job at the convenience store. What he really wanted to be doing was making music, but that was something he had to put on hold now. He wasn't exactly a K-pop idol, now was he?

Soon enough, there she was like a frightened bird in the midst of the crowded airport.

"Hey, Nico sent me to fetch you." He did his best in broken English to tell her he was a friend of Nico's who was a friend of Ellie's.

She remained mute. He couldn't stop talking. Foolish, perhaps. Manny couldn't stand the silence.

"I feel bad, none of us have a car." He told her. Instead, he would have to welcome her to 101 in transportation. They'd catch the subway first and then the bus. "But I guess you are used to that kind of thing, being in New York City."

She shrugged.

Still, he wasn't sure if she were shy or maybe she just didn't like him. They rode in silence a good part of the way. It felt as if this trip would never end. Even after getting off the bus, it was quite a walk. He bought her an iced coffee.

She winced at the bitter taste.

"You, must like cream in your coffee." He smiled. She nodded and said she always order a latte.

"I'll have to remember that," Manny said, but he doubted he would. Seriously, this was all making him feel a bit lost, being put on the spot with an American stranger. Of course, he hadn't even flirted with anyone lately. Manny was down on his luck. He doubt it would change anything after meeting this bird from the states.

"How? How do I say.. your name?" He then asked.

"Wren," she said, asking him what was so hard about pronouncing her name?

Saturday, June 16, 2018

as the days go by

I hardly know what's in fashion anymore. Give soft cotton tanks and a chance to make some sleep pants from faded sheets and It's a fine old time.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Nico & Violet

"What?" Nico winced hard. Why did he even answer his cell? This was the last thing he needed to hear from Ellie. "Who in the hell is Wren?"

She wanted him to host some girl from New York City. He couldn't see any good from it. Especially, when he had no place for her. His friend from the Philipines was still here. Nico was sharing a room with Violet.

He didn't want to admit he liked it, but there was barely enough space for the three of them.

"Are you serious?" Violet looked at him alarmed when he told her the news.

"I don't know what she's expecting," Nico was certain this Wren to be a wild child. "After all, she's from New York City. Maybe she won't mind sleeping with Manny." He smirked. No way was he switching up the sleeping arrangements.

"Maybe Manny could find his own place." Violet shrugged.

"By tomorrow?" Nico winced. He didn't want to put his old friend out. He'd just found a job at the convenience store. The pay wasn't great and hours were the worst. "I don't think so."

Besides, he hadn't really had a chance to catch up with Manny. "I'm sure he'll be working when she's sleeping, anyway."

"You think?" Violet rolled her eyes at that.

As much as Nico missed Ellie, he didn't like the situations she put him in. Besides, he had a noodle shop to run.