Sunday, November 12, 2017

Oh, what a night

oh, what a night

At least..I survived. But add tequila..and you don't know what might go wrong. Drunk writing and computer difficulties. Not a good mix.

It was only one drink. Still, I regret it terribly..this morning.

Mojo stepped on my foot when I was trying to get to the bedroom door. I had had some trouble in the middle of the night..thinking I knew where I was the dark of my room. NOT

I almost ended up in my closet. For a second there.. I was certain I had found a mystery room in the house. (may need to put that in the novel.)

Oh..and he just smiles now, when I talk about it. 

I did not sleep well (due to almost getting locked out of my ipad) and then..when I did sleep, somebody woke me up, to tell me she needed to go out.

It did rain last night and there are lots of leaves on the ground.

I need to write some more on nano..still, I'm doing much better than I expected this time.

As they say..always write more!

Up to 71 pages now.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017



Adua, an immigrant from Somalia to Italy, has lived in Rome for nearly forty years. She came seeking freedom from a strict father and an oppressive regime, but her dreams of becoming a film star ended in shame. Now that the civil war in Somalia is over, her homeland beckons. Yet Adua has a husband who needs her, a young man, also an immigrant, who braved a dangerous crossing of the Mediterranean Sea. When her father, who worked as an interpreter for Mussolini’s fascist regime, dies, Adua inherits the family home. She must decide whether to make the journey back to reclaim her material inheritance, but also how to take charge of her own story and build a future.

Igiaba Scego is an Italian novelist and journalist. She was born in Rome in 1974 to Somali parents who took refuge in Italy following a coup d’état in their native country, where her father served as foreign minister.