Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Kaori & Ellie prt. 40

Kaori & Ellie prt. 40

"I dunno, if I wasn't around, maybe Yugi and Micky could work things out," Milo said to Ka Ra while they were out at the park for a walk. Of course, everyone was passing them by, on bike or runners with baby strollers.

Their life wasn't quite that hectic. True, they saw each other at work, a lot. There was plenty of time to hang out. Although, Milo got the idea that some of the people at work thought they hung-out too much.

Ka Ra had been resigned to some K-drama actresses' assistant. He guessed it was a step up, but he wasn't sure he liked it. He did miss Ka Ra's sweet smile every morning when she brought him coffee.

Of course, he'd been sent off, for some language classes. Yes, he got paid to do so, but that meant he taught English at the Academy three nights a week. If it was a success, then he might get a speaking bit part in an upcoming K-drama.

True, there was excitement. Still, it gave him panic attacks from time to time, and it was Ka Ra to the rescue.

"Then, you could stay with me." Suddenly, it sounded so logical yet dreamy, at the same time.

"Is that so?" Didn't she still live at home?

"No, I have my own place now." It was small. She told him. "But it would be enough for the two of us." She smiled sweetly, as if they could have all the time in the world.

Milo winced hard in thought. His grin was almost manic and then he laughed. "I think I should."

Yes, he was so glad he came to Seoul..even if things might not have been perfect in the world. He couldn't think of any other place he would want to be.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Fiction Tuesday - Mrs. Saint and the Defectives

Date with a Book

Critically acclaimed author Julie Lawson Timmer returns with a tale of how community can heal the brokenness in all of us.
Markie, a fortysomething divorcée who has suffered a humiliating and very public fall from marital, financial, and professional grace, moves, along with her teenage son, Jesse, to a new town, hoping to lick her wounds in private. But Markie and Jesse are unable to escape the attention of their new neighbor Mrs. Saint, an irascible, elderly New European woman who takes it upon herself, along with her ragtag group of “defectives,” to identify and fix the flaws in those around her, whether they want her to or not.
What Markie doesn’t realize is that Mrs. Saint has big plans for the divorcée’s broken spirit. Soon, the quirky yet endearing woman recruits Markie to join her eccentric community, a world where both hidden truths and hope unite them. But when Mrs. Saint’s own secrets threaten to unravel their fragile web of healing, it’s up to Markie to mend these wounds and usher in a new era for the “defectives”—one full of second chances and happiness.