Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ben Parr

Ben Parr is Jack Parr (St. Elmo's Fire) son who was on Hollyoaks for a short time at the male stripper, Freddie, who was Nancy's flatmate for a very short while.

Wish Hollyoaks would bring him. He could be so many's love interest on the show. Maybe he could save Nancy or go for someone else like in my Hollyoaks fan fiction.

The thing is, I just want to see his character Freddie developed more. Or anything else Ben can do on TV or in the films.

Wishing him all the luck. Here he comes from a wonderful family and that alone can take you far.

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Anonymous said...

Hi hun, You've got it down that Ben Parr is the son of Jack Parr. His dad's name is actually John Parr x