Monday, April 20, 2009

more confessions of a fan fic writer -a rocky road

To my surprise, I was shocked when I found out Nico and Ashley aka Newt and Amy on Hollyoaks are in a real relationship. I always thought it would have been interesting if the two got together on the show. But of course, there are a few hangups and it wouldn't do just to let them have an ordinary relationship. Throw in some slash fan fic and well, you've got a triangle of sorts. But in my Simon n Josh series, Amy didn't have Ste's baby but Newt's baby. Of course, there is a history between Newt & Ste as well.

In reality, Nico who just turned 18 shares a flat with Ashley and the guy who plays Justin. And Ashley is just a year older than him. Or two. He plays someone younger on the show and so does she. Although, he looks so young without that wig. Its true, Nico wouldn't be Newt without that wig and eye-liner. But I'm sure in reality Ashley is a really good influence on Nico with her charity work. And now it sounds she might be up and coming on the music charts as well since Hollyoaks has launched a single from Amy being in a band with Josh. Of course, it couldn't be that way in fan fic land. You just want to turn it up a notch, twist and turn the story around and complicate matters even more.
Its just in reality, it must be so hard yet exciting to move away from home so young to start a career as those who have with Hollyoaks. Of course, one must wonder if it gets a bit cushy for them as those who star in soaps here in the states. You can see they are breakout stars, but it must be a comfort to have a steady paycheck.
While on the hand, in Ivyoaks one is slumming and for the most part in Simon & Josh is a sweet case of the Lost Boys who have found their way to each other and are certain they can have their way in the world without a fearless leader. And as luck would have it, there is the Oaks too.


ellie said...

you know I'm a huge Nico fan.

blue hearts said...

That is really funny about them actually being together. Sweet.