Saturday, May 23, 2009

skins slash fan fic


I couldn't help myself. After noticing someone looking for Skin's Maxxie fan fic, I decided. Why not. A friend I were discussing the third season which she can hardly stand so I thought more about Maxxie and Tony and what if. They were both so amazing in the show. Although, I never really got into Georgie so much. But still, I kept thinking..hmmmm..had Maxxie said that to Tony just because of Michelle when they were back in that room in Russia. Maybe. Or was it the fact that Tony thrived in doing anything that might keep him from a commitment to Michelle. And how Maxxie really feel about her, too? So many question. So much to ponder. It makes me smile to think about.

I hated to see that part of show end that way. Yet, so many talented actors that I can only hope will make it in films. They definitely are up and coming. And probably againsts my better judgemnt I started Maxxie and Tony. Two of my favorites from Skins.


e.l. said...

I do like the idea.

Ivyoaks said...


call me glitter, little deer said...


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