Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gossip girl gone Vamps

OK, this has to be the worst season of Gossip Girl. Its just gone nowhere even with a threesome and Blair and Chuck in their own Camelotville. It just sucks. So thinking of sucking and how amazing Vampire Diaries has been, I thought...hey, how about gossip girl with a twist. Sort of like what they are doing with Jane Austen and zombies and sea monsters, as of late. So I have killed my 'gossip guys' blog. I know, bummer. But for slash fan fic and all that were looking into it..well, it might have been over the top or would have been and really I can only have just so many Dan & Nate scenes. While Chance was really getting viral there as a serial something another with his split personalities where one was gay and one was straight. It was the gay one, who was his sweet side. Well..I decided to go a different way.

And like you are thinking..not another vampire story..please! You better make it good, Ivy! Well, I'll try. Just see where it takes me..and who knows..there might end up being some gayness along the way too. I'll never tell until I get to that tale.

So here is Gossip Girl gone Vamps.


natalie said...

It sounds quite interesting, definitely more so than Gossip Girl this season! I actually stopped watching it after the threesome episode though, so I have no idea what the heck is going on... :P

e.l. said...

I watched tonight..such a wasted hour. Hope you have fun writing.