Thursday, February 11, 2010

another skin - a SKINS fan fiction

Well,  like my friend needed to write anymore fan fic. But she did. She started yet another fan fiction blog. I tell you, its like a disease. She feels no one likes her stories maybe they'd read a fan fic. The problem is. What to write? She decided to go with 2nd generation on Skins with Effy & Freddie and the gang. But she told me she might need help from the 1st generation, as Tony & Sid. Possibly Dev and well, maybe even Cassie too. So its hard to say where this might be going. She hasn't watched the new shows yet, so this is her idea of what might happen or what she wishes would happen on the show. So I said I'd mention it. And I am. She's helped me with Maxxie and Tony. So I hope she has a little fun with Another Skin.

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ellie said...

cool. yeah, wonderful where this will go. we'll see.