Friday, February 5, 2010

how to kill a chicken

Granted, if we had a real chicken, I'm sure Clive would keep her in the bedroom, and it would just be for eggs. Yeah, he's that kind of guy.

He also likes to cook which is a very good thing since I'm not much of one.

We eat a lot tacos. Before that, a lot burgers. He used to fry burgers at Dairy Queen so his burgers are amazing. I guess you can see a ground meat thing is going here. So, about the chicken.

Well, I had thawed out 3 skinless chicken breast about 2 weeks ago. About. Anyway, a week ago Clive made the best chicken curry, ever. And, he's never made it before. But he only used 2 chicken breast in the packets. So one was left in the fridge. And well, I cut open the packet and touched it. I don't like touching meat. Anyway, it was not slimmy, and I hated to throw it away because the trash pick up wouldn't come for days. And I could see some stray animal coming by and messing up our garbage, everywhere. Or the stinch. Something, to that nature. So I decided to boil it. Then see, if it smelled OK. Naturally, I had a hankering for writing on my laptop. Clive went to do a manly thing, like chip ice on the driveway where we park our car.

Guess what? Yeah, I burned it. I could smell that it wasn't burning..but you know, really cooked, but by the time I got there the pot was black and just one side of the chicken was black. I decided to save it. I shaved off the black stuff after it cooled and made chicken salad. Just for one sandwich I'm afraid. Well, Clive wasn't going to eat it.

He says, "I knew you'd do that. You always do this." Sorry.

Really, when you find someone, you have to find someone who gonna put up with your strange ways. Thankfully, Clive doesn't watch TV in his undies like my Dad. My Dad wears jockies. He wears briefs. And yes, we do live in our flannel pants this winter. Some weekend, we can't think of wearing anything else.

I dunno. I'm glad he can put up with me. I'll try not to burn so many foods. I'm trying to be more careful, and not as wasteful.

One of my favorite things this season. When it gets messy out, this is just what I need even on those cold days. I stay dry in them better than my snow boots.  & they are cute. Actually, they are kids size from Target.


Winnie said...

Love those snowboots or wellies as we call them in the UK!

ellie said...

They are cute. Hope the chicken salad turned out ok.

Holly said...

aw, so cute! Liked the title of the post.

Lady said...

chicken is the only meat I allow myself to eat. And I can't see how what you did is at all bothersome anyways, but its good you and clive can put up with each other.