Wednesday, March 24, 2010

when you thought you knew everything - a short story

"What are you saying?" Mia looked back at her roommate, Sara in disgust. "You're doing it! With him?"

"Yeah, thats what I'm saying," Sara said while she was brushing her hair for the early morning rush. Except, she was moving slowly, she'd just gotten home. "Just say it, Mia! I'm fucking Finn Wilson."

Mia closed her lips tight. Why did it surprise her? Maybe it was the fact she was meeting Finn in fifteen minutes for breakfast like she did every morning. Now, she just didn't know how to act. She blinked trying to forget what Sara had said, but she couldn't. She'd be looking at Finn differently now who she kind of liked because he seemed to like her rather well. But evidently, not as much as Sara.

Mia felt like crying. Sara would say she was drama queen. She just wanted some time by herself.

"You don't really like him, do you?" Sara looked at Mia who was tieing her hair up in a lose ponytail of curls.

Mia didn't say. She had to go to breakfast.

Suddenly, she felt as if she were the idiot here. Why was she working so hard for good grades when evidently everyone else was taking the easy way out. No one seem to study at the dorm. Well, Sara didn't. Obviously.

Perhaps Finn wouldn't even be there. After all, Sara just got home. But there he was waiting for her in the cafeteria as if was a breakfast date of some kind.

"Waffles and ice cream, right?" He grinned when he saw her.

Mia could hardly look him in the eye.

"I'm not hungry," she mumbled as she hugged herself.

"Aw come on, thats your favorite." He smiled as he almost touched her arm, but she moved away. She couldn't stand the thought. Not that she ever really thought about sex with him. They talked. A lot. He told her about living in the Virgin Islands. His obessian with the TV show LOST. There was so much to talk about in the morning. Of course, it wasn't about who he was seeing or his grades. Nothing, like that. And when they were done, they would go their separate ways and hardly notice each other in passing.

She'd never questioned it until now. Maybe it was her. Maybe he didn't want anyone to know he even knew her. Maybe. There were just too many maybes. She grabbed a coffee and put in some creamer.

"Gotta go." No need to stammer around this.

"What? We always have breakfast together!" He shouted as she left. "What did I do?"

Mia just kept walking. Maybe she'd feel different about this tomorrow. Maybe she wouldn't. She kept moving.

She sipped her coffee and looked at photographs on display in the student center. She stood there staring at a picture of  someone's toes, close up with black nail polish. Well, it might not have been black since it was a black and white photo. These were old school photos. Nothing digital about them. Old school, so to speak.

Mia looked back. Well, Finn didn't follow. She bet he was having ice cream and waffles. Her stomach slightly growled. She reached in her messenger back for some granola. It was kind of old, but enough to help her get through the morning. It wasn't long until she met Kale in front of the drama building.

"So whats up for your Valentines?" He was all smiles as his hair scooped across most of his eyes.

"Valentines?" She hadn't a clue what he meant.

"Yeah, you're suppose to be sweet and whatever." He shrugged.

"Like you'd know about that." Mia hugged herself as a couple of curls escaped the scrunchy and fell across her face.

"Yeah, I have somone." He yawned, like it wasn't a big deal. "Don't you?"

She shook her head, no.

They talked every morning just for a few minutes. It was nothing they talked over, but he could make her slightly giddy. She didn't know why. But now, she looked at him different as they faced the cold together. She really didn't know Kale at all. He could have been gay for all she knew. Suddenly, she thought of him that way since she didn't want to get her hopes up. Shot down, like with Finn who was obviously not who she thought he was.

"Valentines day is just a lame day to sell over stocked candy and jewelry that has no real purpose." He shrugged.

"And heart-shaped pepperoni pizza." Mia smiled as they waited for class.

"Now, you're talking." Kale smiled. "Thats why I love Valentines day."

Mia shrugged to agree. It was best to let that go. Really, she loved her few minutes with him. And that passed. It was a bit like speed dating or something. Just that, no one really knew it was happening until the silliness wore off.

So she got to her Drama history class then. Which was a big yawn. She slept with her eyes open. Trying to forget the disgusting fact about Finn and Sarah, that was evidently not love. Probably something that happened when they smoked too much pot. What if he didn't even remember it? Mia squinted then as the professor drowned on. God, she at least wanted to be with somone who remembered her.

How could just one person make her so happy for the fifteen minutes she was with him. And they hadn't even touched or kissed. She had to be the one with the problem. It had to be her. Not them. What if it took more than one guy to make her happy? Her eyes lit. Yes, she was learning things about herself in a class she hardly knew what was going on in. Suddenly, when she awoke, Mia realised she didn't even know Kale's last name.


ellie said...

college is a very strange time.

elliestories said...

I'd be upset with my roommate.

meg said...

Very interesting story. It gave me a lot to think about.

natalie said...

I really liked this! And hey, if someone got me a heart shaped pizza for Valentine's day, I'd be pleased haha :)

fan fic said...

Well..thanks..I was going to make the story longer..and of course, a valentines day story..but I had to let it rest. When I came back to it, I decided I wanted to end it there.

Thanks again for reading.