Sunday, May 16, 2010

Yet again

I know you are thinking..stop it already, Ivy. Stop it. Will you?

So yeah, you know how I wrote..oh, maybe yet Jackson Rathbone will give us a boyfriend/boyfriend movie in the future. Yeah, like thats gonna happen. Well, it could. But probably not. I just don't see him rock'n the boat anytime soon in that genre.

Then I find a pic of Thomas Dekker. Oh, I'm afraid he'll be the new It Guy. He was the son on the Sarah Connor Chronicals and just recently was in the latest Nightmare on Elm Street. Yeah, he's got one of those faces where he could be good or bad or something in between.

If that wasn't enough, I saw a lonely blog space that someone gave up that I used to follow. And I was all, well, I should take that place. I just should. Then I did, and I was what?

Naturally, I had to think on it. Well, who would he go good with? I saw a pic of him with Megan Fox. Then I was reading up on how all these people just wish he'd come out of the closet, already. Naturally, I thought more. Smiles started to take over me. And I was thinking on 2 songs I've been listening to on Take Action Vol. 9. rock n roll romance and Mr. Rock & Roll. Then it hit me. Lou & Ed. aka...Thomas and Jackson. And a new take on She & Him.

So here goes nothing.

He & Him


misty said...


Holly said...

wow. can't hardly wait for more.

meg said...

this could be good.

ellie said...

I like it already.

Lady said...

So many guy stars, so little time!

natalie said...

Wait, Jackson Rathbone is gay? I didn't know that! O: But ooh I love your new take on She & Him. I must say, that's pretty clever :D

lily said... I think Jackson is pretty much a lady's man..but still I think these 2 work cool together..