Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Eclipse - movie review

Its coming. And I went back for more. Why? I'm starting to ask myself? Why was I dead set on going? Hmm...really. Is it because I have a gaga crush on Jackson Rathbone? Is it because Tayler Lautner aka Jacob Black won me over in NEW MOON? So many thoughts racing through my head. Then I heard from a friend, "Oh yeah, Jasper had more to do this time, except they put shadows under his eyes because I guess, you know, Jackson is so much prettier than Pattison..." Now, I really had to see it.

So yes, it opens the dark. Rainy. Mysterious. And it happens out of nowhere. Poor Riley. You soon find out. Then suddenly, we're in the field with Edward and Bella. And its kind of slow, after that. Not that I wanted a fast paced movie. But you know, can Kristen not get anymore romantic? I dunno, as I'm watching, I'm thinking how would Emily Browning have looked at Gaspard Ulliel. You just know this guy would eat her up with his eyes alone, and that smile of sly, a tad mischievous, edges curling up. Her apple cheeks all sweet as she gazes at him. No words needed. I mean, it would have been like watching too old souls meet. Perhaps. That didn't happen. Kristen seemed a tad bored. As usual.

And then there is Jasper to save the day to fight the newborns as it comes to be. Thankfully, we get a little history on him. That tried and true Texan. Even so, the blond curly mess, doesn't exactly do him. Yet, even being so animated this go around, he comes off more robotic. I don't want to be hard on the film, nor him  because, deep down I've seen... he can do it. He can act, it was just a bit formula, after awhile... that banked on preposterous with all the vamps siding. Those fight scenes were just a bit too much to take seriously. I suppose.

Then we have Taylor Lautner who comes off more believable that the rest. Fortunately. But the pack, well, they might as well be a bunch of silly pups dancing around. True, some great Native American storytelling, and yet, I wanted to laugh during those flashbacks too. And Leigh was no picnic, either. I know. I'm bad. Oh, and I wanted to laugh about the 'imprinting' too. Leigh (Julia Jones) and Sam. I had to think about that. I squinted hard about it, too.

 Of course, I want Jacob Black to win her back. For Bella to live life. But you've got the tent scene with the three of them. Kind of awkward. So much talking.

On the upside, I really did like new comer, Xavier Samuels as Riley. Honestly, I wished he would have been more in the story than just ripping out throats, after awhile. We learn vamps can turn other vamps to stone. Something I did not know. Dakota Fanning doesn't have to do much to look evil, nor act it.

Honestly, its as if the story has not moved forward at all. Might as well be rewind, repeat and recyle. It seems to be at a stand still with the love triangle between Bella, Jacob and Edward. The soundtrack wasn't all that, either. I liked the New Moon soundtrack much more.

Of course, no one would want to know where I'd want to take this story. Of course, it might be cool if Jasper found out he was a long lost relative of Jamie Campbell Bowar's character..who I know wasn't in the movie. But wouldn't they make cool brothers in something? Just saying. God, if I had my choice everyone would just get over Bella and bring in the new girl who actually did something. Or Bella would want to be with Jacob maybe once, then he'd dump her and find new hot girl in the pack, who is the reincarnation of Pocahontas.

Yeah, all these scenes running through my head. And they weren't in the movie.


ellie said...

you made me smile. yes, I'd love to see Gaspard as Ed. Speaking of which felt Jasper was a little Edward Scizzarhand in this one.

natalie said...

I was definitely glad that they gave the history on Jasper, but I didn't like his hair in this movie either :/ Something about it was just... off.

I WANTED TO LAUGH AT THE NATIVE AMERICAN FLASHBACK PART TOO! At least at the olden day vampire dude. He was just hilarious.

I did like Riley though! And the tent scene, and Taylor Lautner. I guess it was okay :P

simon and josh said...

There are very few things I liked about this one. You have to wonder just what amuses people, sometimes.

ori said...

Jack can act badly and I'd still watch him. You know, he should really play Jack White in a movie. Or better yet, he could be Jack White's little brother. See you have me using my imagination too.