Monday, June 28, 2010

HUGE & OBSESSED - TV reviews

One is fiction. The other is nonfiction. HUGE made its debut tonight on ABC Family while this is the second season of OBSESSED on A & E. Both shows find a way to get to the heart of the matter.

Nikki Blonsky truly is a rare breed. Sure, she makes you think a little of Ricki Lake. After all they had the same part in HAIRSPRAY. But this chick has spunk. Honestly, she reminds me of a close friend of mine. No matter what size she is, she is the life of the party. Naturally, her Will is happy with herself. And from the get go with her little strip number, everyone in camp knows she's the coolest. Of course, she is determined to under-mind the camp and make a little cash on the side with all her hidden treats in her suitcase. And then there is Amber who has gone from one obession to another. From craving food to craving affection. Which is entirely new to her. And I like her innocents in spite of every girl envying her perfect curves and oh so blond goddess stance.

Of course, as I watched this, it reminded me of a boy I knew in grade school. In spite of the pudgy hands and the round, thick body, he had awesome hair and amazing blue eyes. Of course, he was a tough cookie. He hated everything and everyone, but food. It was as if he was going to hide, expressionless, bored and would tolerate no one. And then I saw him one day calm a girl down who was going through something kind of like a seizure, except it was an emotional one in our class. And when he helped her, well, everything changed. Of course, I think that is the key, learning to help each other. To make a better change. To stay healthy. Stay strong in your journey. And I hope that show can do that. It has some really loveable characters. Hopefully, people will give the show a chance.

OBSESSED brings us a couple of OCD victims with various problems each show and how they are talked through their mental illness which affects not just themselves but their loved ones, as well. Many are unable to work. Sometimes, its hard to watch. But the whole show is about facing their fears over a 12 course. Usually, these OCD matters happen after a traumatic event has happened in their life. And it is probably a lot more common than we want to admit. Its a fascinating show.  And yet, you might feel you've over done it by watching one episode.

Anyway, two shows to tune in on Mondays this summer.


ellie said...

interesting mix.

the oaks said...

HUGH seems better than I expected. Actually.

izzy and dev said...

cool review.

Em [the writer] said...

It's funny because I just saw an ad for Obsessed and Huge but have yet to watch either. But I'll probably check out an episode of Huge now.

holly O said...

I do love Nikki.

meg said...

I watched it last night. I do love the cast.