Monday, June 21, 2010

Knight and Day - Movie review

I went to a sneak preview of this movie. There was actually a packed house. People miss Tom Cruise. evidently. And oddly, the dude delivered.

How does he do it? He's so fit, and looks younger than ever. OK, there was one scene he looked totally ripped, but the beach scene, well, you know..still fit. Cameron on the other hand, I dunno if she can keep up this many movies as the younger woman because she's starting to show she might be 'cougar' material. But in all honesty, I hope she won't go the plastic route. I hope she'll just decide its OK to age.

The movie was action packed with a little tango trist soundtrack in the background. It moved along like a quick quick step dance number for a while. Cruise was his almost irritating self. True the plot was a bit like "my own worst enemy" in places from the canceled NBC TV Christian Slater show. But there was fun to. As Miller (Cruise) showed June (Cameron) the ropes. So lots of danger etc. All along, you have to wonder who's the bad guy/ who's the good guy. Yet, somehow you can still follow.

Really, one of the highlights of the film is Paul Dano's role. If only he could have been in it longer. He truly was ace.

Its definitely a date night movie. Young and old want to see Tom do his stuff. And he was there to make good on his promise, through his cocky attitude to running with the bulls on a motorcycle. Yeah, maybe he is the every-ready battery that no one can steal.


ori said...

I was wondering about this movie.

ellie said...

cool. Although, I'm not a big Tom Cruise fan.

axel said...

Cruise. Do they refridgerate him or something???

natalie said...

Yeah, I'm not much of a Tom Cruise fan either, but I actually thought the previews for it didn't look too terrible, haha. I don't know how he looks so young though.. How old is he anyways?!

izzy and dev said...

Well, we need a laugh and some action, I suppose.

so jade said...

I have a friend who wants to see this so much. She loves Tom!