Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pretty Little Liars

OMG....If only Gossip Girl could be this sultry. LIE. Lie..liar.. What's that they say..never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret?

From the get go you have Ari getting in over head with some guy at the local bar's loo. Hot and heavy. Lucy Hale plays Ari who's back from Iceland. As the story progresses we learn..she just made out with her new English teacher..and she knows what her dad, Chad Lowe did in his car with a student last year. But her parents Chad and Holly Combs are putting things back together. Just an inkling of Picket Fences might prevail....because they have a secret...(Troian Avery Bellisario, Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell) and they know Amber knows all. Even their secrets now. But could Jenna have something to do with it? That must be where the secret starts. And yet we learn at the end that their missing friend is dead. Or is she? Jenna shows up, blind at the funeral.

I definitely thought the show was well written and showed some real girl problems, falling in lust or love with the wrong guy, shop-lifting, over-eating and even a playful lesbian story-line that was well needed.

Honestly, I was shocked by ABC Family. Granted, I'm a GREEK lover, but I seriously felt the network failed with the uber-preachy saga of THE SECRET LIFE OF AN AMERICAN TEENAGER. Still am not a fan of that show. But this just might be what the doctor ordered for the summer. A mystery. With little secrets at every turn.


ellie said...

the show surprised me too.

meg said...

I wanted to watch that.

natalie said...

Yeah, I really did not like Secret Life. All my friends were saying how great it was, but I watched like one episode of it and could not stand it! So that's awesome that this show is so different. Maybe I shall check it out!

Em [the writer] said...

Really, no offense but if you read the books, the show is really bad. Not because of how the shows are always different, it's just how they changed it. I've read the Gossip Girl books and didn't care what they did to the show. But this show...ehhh.There is no way they can get out of that mess. Read the books and you'll see. They're very good.

ivy's closet said...

well, to each there own. there are the die hard fans who are like you. and sometimes, it just doesn't transcend from book to TV show the case of Vampire Diaries. Its had major cast changes..especially for Jeremy, and he's one of my favorite character on Vampire Diaries. Sometimes, we only see what we want at that time. Others, they hate everything. Then there are those who just can't be open to some thing that might be a little different than they are used too. Thanks for the comment.