Sunday, June 13, 2010

Unnatural History

Is it so unnatural to have a live show on Cartoon Network?

Well, take a look, its summer, and the powers that be at TOON decided to refresh the Sunday night line up at 7 p.m central and 8 p.m. eastern with an action packed show that you would think..hey this guy has to be Indiana Jones' grandson (no hideous laugh track either!). The halls of the school greatly remind me of some thing from an old Indiana Jones film. You would swear Professor Jones had taught right there in one of those class rooms where Henry and Jasper take test. Henry(Kevin Schmidt) has grown up as a wild child in jungles and exotic locations and now his parents have sent him to live with his uncle in Washington D.C.

Just a little side-bar here..Schmidt comes from an acting family. His brother Kendall in the lead singer and stars in NICK's Big Time Rush. His brother Kenneth is in the business too. And they are all hard working and constantly using their creativity to show us they can handle just about anything. As Kevin does with his ability.. walking up buildings, flips and other adventurous stunts on the show.

Back to the show now, to round out Henry's ingenuity to find a mystery and solve it is his likable cousin Jasper played by none other than Jordon Garvis who shows him the ropes of what real high school is all about. The two are sleuthing around museums and all sorts of places. Of course, they get the facts from Maggie played by Italia Ricci. Its been said she's one to watch for. She's been in such shows as How I met your Mother.

So give this show a chance. Its one that's more than just a kid's show. People of all ages can enjoy it. And you just might want to check out Jordy and Kev too. They make a pretty clever trio worth watching.


meg said...

wow, great about the show. I'll be sure to check it out. Kevin does look a bit like his brother, Kendall.

Lizzie said...

I cannot wait to start this collab blog, either. No, thank you!

What should your name be for the sake of the blog? Aliases are fine, I just want to be able to put it in the bio.

If you have any further questions you can either shoot me an e-mail at or commenting on my blog works just fine, too. :]

Lizzie said...

Sorry I'm an idiot. Your name is probably Ivy, isn't it?

Angela said...

Wow, how cute pink dress! <33 love it!

knk said...

wow she looks so beautiful

natalie said...

I'll definitely have to check this show out :D And yay, I'm so glad you're doing the collab blog! Wooo!

ivy's closet said...

yeah, I'm excited too, Nat!