Monday, July 26, 2010

Cyrus - movie review

For starter don't go in thinking this is an Apataw movie. Because its not. Its brought to you by Mark & Jay Duplass who have hit it off at Sundance before with movies like The Puffy Chair and  Baghead. And though, you might think it a comedy, it really isn't.

Its a quirky little film about real men. I suppose. John C. Reilly is the lonely guy who still hasn't bounced back, 7 years after his divorce while his ex Carolyn Keener who is still there to mother him, even if she has an up coming wedding. If its the last thing she does before tieing the knot is hopefully, hooking up her her offbeat ex with someone at a party.

Naturally, John isn't much good at conversation or a party. And then he meets unconventional Molly (Marisa Tomemi). Needless to say, one thing leads to another from just one silly conversation and well, you've got a couple. But he soon feels she's hiding something from him. And she is, its her 20-something year old son, Cyrus, Jonah Hill. Granted, Cyrus has had quite a sheltered life. Home-schooled, possibly breast-fed longer than the usual child. But he just might be a little devious when he figures out John is in the picture now.

This is definitely a serious thing for Jonah Hill. I've never seen him quite like this. And well, he was unusual, quirky and dangerously alluring. I'm glad he chose this film.

If you really look at the layers of this film, possibly John and Cyrus are a lot a like. John is still a part of his ex-wife's life. He still needs her. And perhaps Cyrus is a bit passive aggressive for his own good, but he still needs his Mom too.

I liked that Molly comes to the realization about Cyrus. Yet they are quite stuck. As life is. Because, truth is, family cares about one another. And life is never quite perfect.

The movie has its surreal moments yet not too shocking. Just the way life is. Something happens, and we find a way to cope. Figure a way to put the pieces together even if something might be missing. Making do with what life hands you.

Honestly, you won't be bored. But it is slyly a real drama about real people and the beauty that is possibly over-looked because we only want whats shiny and new. Just give Jonah Hill a chance. He's more than just a thirty second laugh.


this free bird said...

Ivy-frickin a this was a great flick, wasn't it?!

Have you ever seen Away We Go? That's another one...or Greenberg? Greenberg's along the Cyrus lines for sure.

We totally make salsa! Fanatics. We can do a post if you'd like for early next week...just say the word.


ellie said...

I so want to see Jonah..and all the quirky parts too.

Em [the writer] said...

I love Jonah Hill in every movie I see him in and definitely wanted to see this. Thanks for convincing me!

Anonymous said...

Haven't read a lot about this yet - thanks!

misty said...

I really enjoyed this film.

ori said...

I've definitely never seen him quite like this.

meg said...

Cyrus sounds like a unique film.

beckyxoxo said...

Haven't watched this one and I'm not sure if it'll be played here in my country or not :(

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this free bird said...

I just like to see that broom sitting in the corner surrounded by dust. The bright handle puts a smile on my face every time!!

It's the simple things, I guess :)


emily said...

good review! i have yet to see the movie but i really want to.