Saturday, July 3, 2010

you gotta be cool

Chances are you aren't going to spend a fortune on summer clothes. Well, you might just want to check out Hanes' tanks for men. Why?

1. Tagless - there is no itchy tag on the neck of Hanes tank tops
2. Fabrics - oh-so-soft cotton & some blend cotton & polyester for stretch
3. Shape - Hanes men's tank tops will keep their shape wash after wash
4. Breathable - men's tanks are breathable so you won't overheat
5. Sizes - choose your stretchable tanks from sizes S through XL

Simply, these are great to sleep in for starters. Wear them with sleep pants. Or with summer shorts. You could wear a small and a medium together. Or a small and large, perhaps. They are very stretchy and the larger ones are longer and go great with leggins or even as an underdress you can wear a top over them too.  Wear a tight T underneath, even. These are especially great for concerts. I've found they are perfect with my cropped button down short sleeved sweaters I've gotten from Old Navy.

They come cheap. Especially, at Dollar General, Usually, in gray, black and white. Yeah, I'm probably one of the cheapest chicks around. I'm always trying to find a way to wear something different, or make something out of what I already have. I do plenty of thrifting. But there is just something that makes me smile when I put on a Hanes men tank. You know summer has finally arrived.


Holly said...

I do love to have some tanks for summer.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Great post! I'm a huge fan of basics!! :)

meg said...

Its one of the essentials for sure.

ellie said...

yeah, I got a more than a few of these.

knk said...

hahq do u one funny news

we have rainy season started

daily rains here
hope you are enjoying summer

happy weekend

ori said...

I need some of those.