Tuesday, August 31, 2010

She's no Plain Jane

You might remember her from THE CITY with her fashion savy reporting. Louise Roe says she's had her Plain Jane moments herself while growing up. She says everyone has them. It could be the braces phase or bad hair days and other fashion fiascoes, but she helps young wallflower's get their game on with her new show on the CW Plain Jane.

Louise feels if you dress right it gives you confidence for everything else. The starting point is feeling good about yourself and that's what happens when you find that you can look great in something that might take 10 pounds off you, or show the best assets you might be hiding.

"Celebrities from the '70s, especially Lauren Hutton. She always looked great." Louise says about who influenced her own style.

What are her top 3 tips for getting the guy of your dreams to notice you?

1. Make the first move! Most girls don't actually do this, but some people can be afraid to put themselves out there. I'm not saying throw yourself out there, but take a risk. Don't expect the guy to reject you because why would they? Just believe in yourself.
2. Wear red. Statistically, you will be more likely to be picked up by someone if you wear red.
3. Have fun! Just enjoy it and relax. Don't be so stressed that your eyes are darting around the room. Focus on them and smile!

What made her want to be a fairy godmother to girls on her new show?

The must have Parker Wedge from Alloy. 
 It's an opportunity that I think anyone would love. I see myself more as a wing girl or a best mate or a big sister, and I love that role. I really love taking care of people and having a laugh with them. It's just so gratifying and rewarding to see them come out of their shell and start believing in themselves.

Louise says her favorite part of the show is "Definitely the look on the girls' faces when they're in an outfit and they can't believe how amazing they look!" Or when they face their fears and do something like jump out of a plane. "On one episode, a girl jumped out of a plane and you have to see her face when she got on the ground. It was amazing!" She was screaming and so ecstatic."Or it's when they see the guy and you can tell from their face that they're so happy. I think they have this realization like, "I can do it!" It's amazing."


molly said...

It is an interesting show.

natalie said...

I've never heard of this show before, but it certainly sounds like something I'd like to watch! Fashion advice-y shows are always fun. :D

ellie said...

I like the show. Louise is really helpful and kind.

lucy and sarah said...

Yeah, it looks like a sweet show.

Sara Lynn said...

I have not heard of this show! Well now I have because of your post and I hope I can catch a few episodes, sounds so cute :)

ori said...

I love her accent.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I am dying to see this show!! :)

meg said...

She's really a good role model. And full of info to help us shy gals.