Thursday, September 2, 2010

Desperately Seeking Susan ..what if

It was on other night and immediately I thought, its not like any other 80's movie even if it came out in1985. The filler tunes are even hypnotic. There is still something fresh and cool about the style of the movie.

For starters, this movie let Madonna be Madonna. You got to see her personality in this, film like no other. It showed her New York City style, full of punk and charm. It wasn't just a film that was her total style. It really gave an urban flavor to the men in the film too.

Adian Quinn as Dez
Dez was the total individual man of the city making his own way. I loved him in the fedora he wore at the coffee shop scene with Roberta. There he was in tuxedo pants and suspenders. He was so awesome.

Of course, I still wonder if Roberta and Dez would still be together, and where would they be. Roberta would have definitely divorced that jerk with all the hot tubs. She would have moved into that fab flat of Dez's and she and Susan would have course gone into business.

Now would Susan and Jim be together? Doubtful. Not Susan, the vagabond. She would always be with someone younger because she's a free spirit and one can keep up with Susan. After all, she has to travel the world for inspiration and bring back that magic everyone wants. Roberta is just there to help Susan organize her charaizma and of course, support her in every way she can.

While Jim would make the coolest dad. He'd meet up with someone on one of his band tours. A major hookup that would take him to Seattle, just to be a stay at home Dad and run his own recording business from home.
Robert Joy in his Richard Hell look. Punk but Sweet.

As for Roberta and Dez, would they have kids? Maybe a son. Just one. But he wouldn't come along until long after the two of them had had their many adventures on the streets of New York. Finding friends from all walks of life. And of course, they'd have working vacations in far off places like Haiti or India. After all, Roberta would get Dez into stocks and bonds just so he could buy that movie theater, make it into a chain so everyone could enjoy sweet and a amazing indie films.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I saw this movie years ago and adored it - I must watch it again!! :)

ellie said...

Always one of my favorites. I love the way they dressed. They way they talked. Where they lived. Such a cool movie.

meg said...

It might be the original chick flick with a punk. I haven't really seen another film quite like it. I thought it was orginal.

molly said...

This was Madonna at her best.

ivyoaks said...