Sunday, October 24, 2010

100 monkeys

At first listen, you might think, what is this crap?

Well, Jackson Rathbone's band is no boy band. Yes sir, these guys are bringing in the funk and finding their own fan base. Granted, it might be the thought of the pretty one in the bunch bringing in the crowd. But he's just another one of the guys. The band is made up of Ben G. Ben J. Jack. J.Rad and Uncle who takes care of the percussion & even the saxophone. He isn't with the band all the time, but they learn a lot from this blues master. All contribute to the band.

If you go to one of their concerts you might see them throw instruments around and start playing. Taking the lead. No one knows when or where it'll stop. Its a rather improv venture. Last year the band had 100 cities on their tour around the states. This year they are hoping for 100 cities, internationally.

Their sound has a blues feel to it. They are pretty amazing musicians. You will sense the intensity of their music. They love what they do. And it shows. Its Jackson's other life. And of course, he's a true musician who can be seen setting up the band and breaking it down too.

Its a hard life being in a band. And honestly, you can see its his passion. Of course, you might have to wait it out. But you just might be getting into this band's music if you give it a try.

100 Monkeys

100 Monkeys YOUTUBE channel


natalie said...

Whoa, I had absolutely no idea that Jackson Rathbone had a band! They definitely have an interesting sound to them. And the video was funny yet just plain strange at the same time, haha...

ellie said...

I like the spaceship instrumental best.

better days said...

He seems to enjoy being in the band.

meg said...

I love his smile. The music is so different than I ever expected.

simon and josh said...

Very interesting group. indeed.