Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tony Oller

This Friday Teen Nick puts on an orginal. GIGANTIC. Just a 30 minute drama. Guess our attention spans aren't long enough for an hour. Even though once you are hooked on the 30 minute drama stories of Degrassi, you are hooked and back to watch the same episodes again and again. Thus that's why TV marathons  are very important on Teen Nick.  So who knows, this just might be the everyone's.

What could this show possibly be about?

Storyline: A half-hour dramedy that takes a fictional look at the glitzy, chaotic and often hilarious life of being a Hollywood "it" kid. Set in the world of the Hollywood elite packed with A-list parties and privilege, it tells a coming-of-age story infused with pop culture fame. It's not easy being teenagers growing up in the shadow of their parents' superstar status, and "Gigantic" skewers the celebrity machine while exposing the humanity and comedy beneath the glamour of Tinseltown. With an insider look behind the tabloids and gossip blogs, it features an ensemble cast that includes: 17-year-old Anna (Grace Gummer) and her younger brother Walt (Tony Oller), both kids of a famous movie star couple; their best friends Piper (Jolene Purdy) and Finn (Malcolm Kelley); frenemy Vanessa (Gia Mantegna) and Anna's boy crush with a big secret Joey (Ryan Rottman).

This should be right down Tony Oller's alley. Groomed on Disney. Starred with many Disney starlettes, dated them and was on As the Bell Rings. He's definitely got the Justin Bieber look. Plus an irresistible smile and perfect nose. He might be all it takes to make Gigantic a hit. I won't say its quite Gossip Girl quality. However, the show is written by Dave Holstein who has written a couple of episodes of Weeds and University of Andy.

Anyway, make sure to have Tony on your radar.


natalie said...

he does kinda have the J-Biebs look going on, haha... but it does sound like the show has some potential!

meg said...

He's so cute. Didn't he and Emily Osmont date for awhile? The show looks interesting.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Tony is cuteness!! :)

ellie said...

I hope he's that sweet.