Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Five Days Apart by Chris Binchy a book review

This is the second novel from best selling author Chris Binchy (nephew of acclaimed author Maeve Binchy) who's actually a chef. 

Its a college story that takes place, I guess in Dublin, that's where he's from. He's in the tradition of Nick Hornby and Roddy Doyle. Really, I could picture someone like Nic Hoult and Tom Sturridger in the parts. Probably Nic(David's friend) as the guy who gets the girl, Camille at the party, even if he's trying to help tongue-tied David (Tom) out.

It's just, I had a problem with the dialogue. I was expecting something with more bite, I guess. It seemed genuinely generic to me. As well as the characters. I guess I was hoping for someone of Skins magnitude.  And there is Camille. I don't know what was so great about her. She really doesn't say much when they first meet. She's just a girl. Evidently, a pretty girl...that David wants.

Then you get the impression with those party girls..when they are sauced, you better make your move quick or forget you.

So yes, you have a triangle. A girl comes between 2 guys...and their friendship is torn. A lot like Cherry Bomb (movie) with Rupert Grint and Robert Sheehan. A real modern day tale, I suppose. Unlike those old Irish folk song tales where a stranger comes to the fair, fancies a farm girl, bangs her in the barn and leaves. Usually, for good and she's left with a kid to raise. A lot like in Felicia's Journey written by William Trevor which has to be my favorite novel, of his. But that to is more of a modern version. The girl goes searching for her man and ends up in the hands of an old serial killer.

Don't worry nothing that twisted happens here, this story is more like Doing It from Melvin Burgess. Unfortunately, 5 Days Apart lacks all the boy talk about girls and dares and sleeping with your teacher and fat girls that you don't want your friends to know about. Burgess' is a young adult novel while this is adult. Yet I find Burgess much more literary. Although, his novels can be rather gritty and perhaps even earthy.

Still I'm glad I came across this novel. I hope it'll be a movie. Maybe Rupert, or Robert or even Nic will be in it. I can only hope. Or maybe when I find the time..I'll just write my own story.


meg said...

That's an interesting take on the themes of different book. And of course, I love all these actors you mentioned.

Krystal said...

have you read 'one day'?

ellie said...

Interesting about the trends in fiction these days.

simon and josh said...

Well, I like that there are more Bro romances out there in a sense.