Monday, January 31, 2011

another bad boy

Time will only tell on Pretty Little Liars, but Tyler Blackburn has joined the cast as Caleb. Honestly, he looks as if he'd fit right in perfectly with the 'pack in the Twilight movies. But Tyler hasn't made it to those kind of movies yet. But hopefully, being the scene stealer he is, you never know.

His Caleb might hook up with any of the Little Liars, although, that might be doubtful. Possibly, just another red herring to the mystery. Although, I'd really like to see him befriend Tobey...the other bad boy on the show. No telling, what kind of trouble they could get into.

The facts about Tyler.

1. Born Oct.12, 1986
2.Last seen as Ian on soap opera Days of our Lives
3.Played Echo on Gigantic
4.Will be in Peach Plum Pear where he's Jesse a troubled youth stranded in a rural Nebraska town. The film is directed by Alana Morshead

I really want to see this indie flick
Peach Plum Pear movie site
B.K. Garceau III He edited the trailer.
Peach Plum Pear Facebook


caitlin and megan said...

That does look like an interesting movie. Another guy is in it that I love to watch. Hal somebody. He plays really good bad guys.

Cait said...

It does look like a good movie. I do wonder who sings that song in the trailer. Its not Joanna Newman.

Em [the writer] said...


So...I kind of had a review ready for tomorrow since music goes to Tuesday. I didn't have it scheduled but instead just as a draft so I guess that might've confused you. That's okay though, I'll just post mine Wednesday I guess. Just a future reference if you want a seperate day for the show posts possibly go for a day where reviews aren't usually posted (fashion days art etc). :)

Em [the writer] said...

No it's okay I already notified the band of the changed date. It gives me more time anyway.

caitlin and megan said...

I so want to see that movie, now. I do like him on Pretty Little Liars.

Lux and Stan said...

I do like the trailer. He's an interesting character on Pretty Little Liars.

molly said...

I think he's a good solid actor.

Cafe Fashionista said...

He's a cutie; and Peach Plum Pear sounds like an interesting film! :)

Em [the writer] said...

Hey sorry about last night, I was a little on edge from something else and I think I took it out on you. You did a great post though so sorry for the comment if it came out rude in any way.

Peach Plum Pear sounds like a great movie!

Krystal said...

looks good!