Monday, February 28, 2011

Naya vs. Shay

Both are so talented. Both come from multi-cultural background.

Naya Rivera has been on TV since she was practically a baby in the Royal Family and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. She was on the Bernie Mac Show before we knew her as Santana on Glee. She even played "nice girl" on 8 Simple Rules. But Glee has really shown her vocals. Santana is rather complex on Glee.

Shay Mitchell is Canadian and even served a bit time on Degrassi. Modeling was her start in the business. She was on Aaron Stone before she made her mark on Pretty Little Liars. Shay as Emily,  possibly has the best lesbian storyline around. Not just that. Best love story on the show. Also on Pretty Little Liars, she's is showing  her athletic abilities as a swimmer.

Its been said that these two look a lot alike. Perhaps. Just the same it would be great if they could both be in a film together.  Both are in their early twenties and still playing teenagers.


ellie said...

I like both of their character. Yeah, I'd like to see them together in something.

Syed said...

I feel kinda bad not recognizing who either of these are :S In my defence I have not watched tv in quite an age.

Em [The Writer] said...

Honestly I don't see how they look alike either than the obvious skin color and hair. I like your juxtaposition though!

Natalie said...

They do look similar when put side by side like that, but they definitely seem to be two very different actresses! Like them both though. :)

Bex said...

I'd love to see them play sisters.