Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Glitch Mob's Drink the sea

If you're looking into a cool soundtrack for your life, you should check out their electronic sound. Those hypnotic tones can take you to another world. It doesn't have to be TRON. Seriously, their sound can get you going on a run or a walk around town. You might even want to dance to it.

The Glitch Mob is a three-piece electronic group from Los Angeles, composed of Ed Ma (edIT), Justin Boreta (Boreta) and Josh Mayer (Ooah). The group's debut album, Drink The Sea, debuted on the iTunes Electronic Chart at number five and peaked on the CMJ Top 200 Chart for College Radio at #57. The album's debut led Electronic Musician to run a cover story on the trio. Their single, "Drive it Like You Stole It", was #2 on XLR8R's Top Downloads of 2010 list. Drink the sea is a sure winner for your next party or even when you are alone and need to be inspired, great for traveling. There sound has such a unique beat to it. You'll wonder why you haven't been listening to them already.
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Drink the Sea at Amazon.
The glitch mob official site.


cait said...

In for the that song!

E.L. said...

Very interesting. Its got a certain narrative to it..after awhile.

Pearl Westwood said...

They sound great - and I do like a bit of Tron!

ivy's closet said...

I'm glad you posted about them Ellie.

Em [The Writer] said...

Cool music!

Haha I saw four (3 1/2).

1. Take Me Home Tonight
2. Hall Pass
3. Just Go With It
4. Beastly (20 mins of it and even a peak of Rango)

I'll post about it later but yeah...the second time I've ever walked out of a movie because it was just so awful. Gah least favorite movie of all time.

Holly said...

So love their sound.

Cafe Fashionista said...

They have such an amazing sound! :)

Syed said...

YES! LOVE Glitch Mob. I have the album on repeat at the moment.