Wednesday, March 30, 2011

MAD LOVE - TV review

The show is sandwiched between How I met your Mother and 2 1/2 Men repeats on CBS. Its cast favors more of How I met your mother gang.

You've got the sweet Jason Biggs (who I must admit I grew up wanting to find my very own Jason Biggs. Yes, anything that was slightly Jason Biggs in a smile and those curls ..well, he was a hottie to me). Also Sarah Chalke. The creator from Scrubbs is bring it New York style. And you've got the cute Kate and Ben. They are so cute, Jason and Sarah. But that's about it.

Then you have wonderful Judy Greer who I think should be the star of anything since watching her in ABC's short live Miss Guided. She is Kate's roommate, Connie. She's someone who would rather be alone type. She's stuck most of the show with Ben's law partner Larry (Tyler Labine) who I don't think I've liked in anything since REAPER and maybe INVASION.

So its a bit of a standard fare when it comes to sitcom.

More Martin Starr please!

The only sure winner here that you want more of is the neighbor next door, Martin Starr as Clyde. However, he's only been in two episodes. Honestly, I'd rather watch his quirky, indifferent, slight stalkerish character grow as well as Connie giving him..a chance from time to time..or maybe they talk through walls to each other, already.

Hopefully, they'll tighten the laugh track and cuteness in this one. It might be a winner if they just give us something we can really want to savor.

STORYLINE: Revolves around a quartet of single friends in New York City-- two who are falling in love and two who despise each other, at least initially.



molly said...

I finally caught an episode this week. I'll have to watch it more, though.

ellie's desk said...

I do like Jason Biggs and Judy Greer.

Krystal said...

I wouldn't be able to get past that girl being Eliot from scrubs!

meg said...

I am a Jason Biggs fan, too.