Monday, April 11, 2011

getting your survial on

With the government giving us a scare of shutting down, oh..and lets not forget about the bad weather situations or those other problems like earthquakes and the like...some of us head to the library and just might find these books on the shelves to help us get prepared.

SAS Urban Survival Handbook: John "Lofty" Wiseman is the author of the bestselling SAS Survival Handbook, the definitive guide to survival in the wild from Britain's Special Air Service. Now he has compiled a complete guide to survival in the urban jungle. Every year in America there are thousands of fatal accidents in the home—more than on the roads, and many more than in the great outdoors. Fire, electricity, water, gas, sharp knives, poisons, chemicals—these valuable tools can quickly become dangerous weapons when not treated with proper respect and understanding. Add to these the risks of travel, terrorism, muggings, rape, tsunamis, and earthquakes. We are constantly reminded that the world is a dangerous place. Wiseman shows readers how to think realistically and practically about these perils in order to avoid them, whether they are at home, on the street, in school, or in transit. From self-defense techniques to home security systems to coping with natural disasters, this book will teach readers to recognize risks, make quick decisions, and live confidently in the modern urban world.

Emergency Food Storage & Survival Handbook: Everything You Need to Know to Keep Your Family Safe in a Crisis : Always Be Prepared! What if your life was disrupted by a natural disaster, food or water supply contamination, or any other type of emergency? Do you have the essentials for you and your family? Do you have a plan in the event that your power, telephone, water and food supply are cut off for an extended amount of time? What if there were no medical or pharmaceutical services available for days, weeks, or months? How prepared are you?

With this guide by your side, you and your family will learn how to plan, purchase, and store a three-month supply of all the necessities—food, water, fuel, first-aid supplies, clothing, bedding, and more—simply and economically. In other words, this book may be a lifesaver.

Inside you'll find 10 steps to an affordable food storage program plus how to:
•Prepare a home "grocery store" and "pharmacy"
•Use what you store and store what you use
•Store water safely and provide for sanitation needs
•Create a first-aid kit, car kit, and 72-hour emergency kit for the whole family
•And many more invaluable hints and tips

Bug Out: The Complete Plan for Escaping a Catastrophic Disaster Before It's Too Late: Cataclysmic events strike sleepy towns and major cities every year. Residents face escaping quickly or perishing in rising waters, raging fires or other life-threatening conditions. By the time the evacuation starts, it's already too late. Being prepared makes the difference between survival and disaster. Guiding you step by step, Bug Out shows you how to be ready at a second's notice.

• Create an escape plan for where to go and how to get there.
• Pack the perfect bug-out bag for the first 72 hours.
• Find food, water and other necessities outside of civilization.


Packing for diseaster



Krystal said...

woww that sounds like a good book to have!! people seem to be wanting to be more prepared now so it's a good recommendation!

Natalie said...

Haha, I should probably read those considering if someone dumped me in the wilderness this second I probably wouldn't last very long... learning how to survive is definitely an important thing to learn!

molly said...

These are definitely some books to look into.

meg said...

I've actually looked at the emergency food storage one. I had no idea how I needed to keep water for my pets in the basement during tornado season. Its a very good book. Recipies too.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I definitely need to check out these recommendations ASAP! :)