Thursday, June 2, 2011

Amanda Palmer

This is how it happened. First I watched the movie Flowers in the Attic (with Ellie). So..this lead to reading V.C. Andrew's Flower's in the Attic and while I was reading it, I cam across the word Dressden Dolls. And I remembered, how much I loved that band. Then I was really disheartened to find out they were no longer together..that Amanda had gone solo.

But there's more. She's married to fantasy writer Neal Gaiman. They finally twitted back in January that it was official.

her dressden dolls days

Amanda has always been quite the performer. There was a time she went by Amanda Fucking Palmer. She has spent time being a living doll, after all she was a bit of a drama major back in high school and at the universities. She was even a member of the Eclectic Society.

Of course, she's fantastic on the keyboard and a very unique songwriter who is down right wicked with her storytelling in music.

Back in 2000 she was half of Dressden Dolls with Brian Vigilone. Since going solo in 2008, she's collaborated with many artists. Including, Neil and Ben Folds when she made the CD Who Killed Amanda Palmer. She's had other projects which you can find sound recordings Eveyln Eveyln with Jason Webley. Amanda has been inspired from Anne Frank to Neutral Milk Hotel's "With a needle that sings in her Heart".

You can even find Amanda's covers from Radiohead songs.


Flawed Quintessence said...

Thanks for the comment!
I haven't really heard of Dressden Dolls, but I think I might check it out. :)

Krystal said...

very interesting music!! I had never heard of always introduce me to new things for sure!

Anonymous said...

Hmm....Never heard of her. Thanks for sharing! :)


Cafe Fashionista said...

I am off to listen to their music right now. I really love her image! :)

ellie's desk said...

Coin-operated boy was the first song I ever heard from Dressden Dolls. I always loved that CD. And the one after that too. Backstabber is such a witty song too. I love the video.

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

Love her story and so excited to be introduced to her music. I really like her voice! Thank you!

xo Mary Jo

meg said...

So love her work. She's very creative. & married to Neal Gailman..that is sooo cool!

cady said...

Oh, my. I haven't listened to her in years. I do like her, though. And the Dresden Dolls . . . even though her eyebrows kind of freak me out.

griffin said...

A real living doll with emotions.