Sunday, July 17, 2011

Holland Roden

She's the sexy vixen on Teenwolf. Possibly you've seen her on Weeds, Lost or CSI. She's Lydia Martin on Teenwolf as Jackson's girlfriend and well, part of the IT crowd at school.

Holland was born in Dallas, Texas. She actually majored in molecular biology, but only lasted a year. She returned to her real passion, acting. Her first big break was HBO's 12 MILES OF BAD ROAD.

She's still working on a degree at UCLA, but this time in Women's studies.

She describes her Lydia Martin on TEENWOLF as cross between Tracey Flick's IQ from Election and Violet's spunk from the Willie Wonka movie.

Holland is a big indie music fan as well, enjoying artist like Ingrid Michaelson, Josh Rouse, Cat Stevens, Mumford & Sons, and Crash Kings

Stiles: wait, what? Lydia, what did you see?
Lydia: something
Stiles: something like a mountain lion?
Lydia: mountain lion
Stiles: are you sure you saw a mountain lion or are you just saying that because that’s what the police told you?
Lydia: a mountain lion
Stiles: (grabs a stuffed giraffe) what’s this?
Lydia: a mountain lion - teen wolf



Cafe Fashionista said...

She is gorgeous - I so love her hair! :)

ellie said...

She's feisty on the show.

She is Sara said...

lol she is a cutie!!

caitlin and megan said...

I still wonder if Lydia and Stiles will hook up???

O V said...

I think there are gonna be some changes soon on TEENWOLF.

hollyaoks fan fiction said...

I do like her on the show.