Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Non-Fiction Tuesday- ROCK WHAT YOU GOT

Katherine with her sister Christina
Apparently, Katherine Schwarzenegger is following in the foot-steps of her Mom. She does have a great role model to follow. Katherine brings you  A hip, empowering, get-real guide to loving the body you're in.

Its said that she gives the paparazzi a smile every-time they find her. With that smile you can see her sunny-disposition. And now she's brought that to her new book about body image and making the most of what you are born with.

For young women today, developing a healthy body image can be a challenge. Yet Katherine Schwarzenegger has done just that. She has been there . . . and back, and has come not only to accept but to love her curvy, powerful, smart, sexy, and happy self. She wants to help other girls do the same--recognize their own beauty, both inside and out.
An estimated 8 million Americans have an eating disorder. Seven million of those are young women, and more and more of them are girls. Girls are increasingly growing dissatisfied with their bodies, trying to change them and fit into some image or mold of perfection that is impossible to achieve.
Where are they getting this from?
The answer is clear: their moms, sisters, friends, frenemies, television, movies, magazines, and every other media outlet imaginable.
When you open a magazine or watch a movie, what kind of girls do you see?
Skinny ones!
Impossibly perfect girls with immaculate bodies.
Everywhere they look, girls are inundated with carefully airbrushed, highly inaccurate images of the female body. It's no wonder they feel something's wrong with them!
In this down-to-earth, reassuring, and fun book, Katherine calls for a new way of seeing what is beautiful. Packed with informative facts, moving personal anecdotes from Katherine's life, and the voices of other Rock What You've Got women, her book celebrates the female form, whatever the size, and inspires girls to


"It’s really a book for every girl who has ever felt insecure or self-conscious about her appearance. I wanted to let her know that she’s not alone, there’s not a woman in the world who hasn’t felt self-conscious about something! We as women all experience it but we never talk about it. With this book I really hope to break down that barrier of secrecy and start talking about the pressures and how we feel about our body image. Being able to talk about your body openly is such an empowering thing." Katherine says about her book.

"Girls need to know that we are all unique and that we should all celebrate our unique beauty because it comes in all different shapes and sizes." Katherine stresses for why she wrote the book.

To some, you will find this just a puff piece. Perhaps it does help to have famous parents to get a book published. To others, they wish there had been a book around like this when they were young adults. So it has its pros and cons. Best thing, check it out at your local library.



Cafe Fashionista said...

I LOVE books like this - I so need to pick up a copy ASAP. Great review! :)

ellie said...

I'm glad she did this book.

Krystal said...

that sounds really cool!

Lux and Stan said...

I'm glad she's being a good role model for girls.

She is Sara said...

Oh this looks like a very positive book for young women, especially in today's society!

caitlin and megan said...

Sounds like a wonderful book!