Thursday, July 7, 2011

we are wolves

Sometimes, a band can take a break, and then a TV show comes along and gives them a rebirth of some sort. And why wouldn't it be fitting that Teenwolf would do that for a band with a name like We are Wolves.

Their song LITTLE BIRDS has quite an electronic buzz and definitely has a cool sound to bring an intensity to the drama on the show.

Not to say this band has taken a break, by any means. Yet, their last CD came out in 2009. Invisable Violence.

This indie band comes from Quebec.

Around 2000, Alexander Ortiz and Vincent Levesque, both from the visual art world, along with Antonin Marquis, formed a band with synthesizers, bass, vocals and drums. In their own words the band likes to qualify their sound as “a post-punk landscape with analogue trees. Like rock after the postmodern explosion”. Nameless until 2002, Alexander showed up at the jam space wearing a home-made shirt with a skull spitting a synth displaying the inscription, 'We Are Wolves'. At that moment they decided to name the band We Are Wolves.

To some they maybe just noise, but this group has been to many international festivals where they have been noted as the band to watch for. Their sound is primal and primitive with drumming and powerful guitar riffs.

We are Wolves


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