Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ceremony - dvd review

Max is Henry Winkler's son.

Max Winkler wrote and directed a movie. Its a quirky little gem. New York bred with just a hint of the nature of Noah Baumbach's creativity. The movie reminded me of Margot at the Wedding. But only slightly. Seriously, an original story.
storyline: A young guy crashes the wedding of the thirty-something woman he wants back.

Its an unlikely friendship between two long time high school friends (now in their twenties), Michael Angarano as Sam and Reese Thompson as Marshall. Of course, Sam hasn't talked to Marshall in over a year while Marshall has been a recluse of sorts since his incident on the streets of New York City. But Marshall has a car and Sam, a struggling children's author needs him to drive him to a wedding. Sam has to stop Zoe (Uma Thurman) from marrying Whit (Lee Pace).

So many interesting performances in this little film. Beautifully photographed, and quite a weekend party.

Little does Marshall know how he's being taken by Sam. Angarano's performance comes off so laid back, yet some of the time, you wonder, if he and Marshall could be more than pals. Truly, a New York kind of bromance. Yet Sam is a ladies man. He still has his heart sat on Zoe, who loves his work as a writer.

Everyone is sad here, Marshall. That’s why we could really clean up in a place like this.
Sam, Ceremony

Lee Pace is such a scene stealer in the movie. Always wanting to be filmed. Everything is about himself as he documents where he's been..all for the essence of the human condition.

Reese Thompson with Max

There are so many quirky things about the movie. Uma Thurman is beautiful in every way. I was happy to see Reese Thompson who really is quite under-rated. He's becoming the actor I can't wait to see what he does next.

Michael: I was gonna play Marshall for about a year and a half before the movie got made. Jesse Eisenberg was gonna play Sam but he left to go do ‘Social Network’…
Max: What is that?
Michael: …it’s a small film…

Max Winkler is getting a great start. I can't hardly wait to see what he does next.

You don’t start making a movie unless you believe, deep down, that this movie could be something really fucking important.
Max Winkler


Cafe Fashionista said...

This film truly looks like a blast. I love the concept! :)

mazzy may said...

I love Lee Pace! & Reese too.

molly said...

Such an interesting movie. I think I want to own a copy.

Fashionistable said...

I like Uma think she is amazing. Interesting concept. Wonder who she ends up with? Xxxx

Sick by Trend said...

I love Uma Thurman! she is spectacular


-E- said...

henry winkler is the fonze, right?

caitlin and megan said...

Oh, wow, Max made a movie. I want to see it.

faye (All These Pretty Things) said...

OOO such an interesting sounding movie i'll have to check it out :)

ivy's closet said...

Yeap..E..that's the Fonz..Henry Winkler.

Holly said...

I so love this movie.