Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fiction Tuesday - Anna and the French Kiss

How would you deal if your best guy friend had a girlfriend? And you were falling for him fast, even if you didn't want to. Add living in Paris going to a private school to stress you too. And her new best friend is so International. He's French/British/American with the most beautiful name ever....√Čtienne St. Clair.

Anna Oliphant hasn't had the best of luck with boyfriends, as it is, back in the States, when she was home in Georgia. Plus the guy that things were about to happen with Topher are getting complicated when her best friend from home, Bridgette joins his band. 

As it is, Anna feels lost at the new school her Dad (A Nicholas Sparks type author) is paying for. Except, he's not giving her much of an allowance to spend food on. Anna knows what its like to live middle class. Her father divorced her mom shortly after her little brother was born. And now her father has reached fame, but he's not exactly sharing the wealth. So Anna really fends her way in Paris with her new friends she is going to school with. It just so happens Etienne St. Clair is short and oh so charming with a girlfriend who's already graduated, named Ellie.

Whats relate-able about this book is that I'm sure we've all been there. Meeting someone who's already attached to someone, yet we feel just attached to them. And we begin to ponder, are we just friends? Of course, a long the way, it takes Anna to figure out if she's seeing that person correctly. Her ex-boyfriend had to explained to her all the facts about Topher. Facts that she had no idea about.

Also, Anna has to deal with her virginity too. And I really like the way the author handled this issue. John Greene endorsed this book, and its been the favorite this summer for a lot of readers. This is Stephanie Perkins'  first YA novel.


Sick by Trend said...

Handsome guy!! love his eyes



mazzy may said...

I've heard she's the new Sarah Dessen of YA novels.

lucy and sarah said...

I could picture aaron in the part..although, St. Clair is really short. I like the idea of making someone very charming!

molly said...

A really fun summer read with some sweet quotes, too.

Cafe Fashionista said...

What a wonderful review. I read this book when it first released earlier this year, and very much enjoyed it, as well! :)

Natalie said...

This does sound like a book than many a teenage girl can most definitely relate to!

She is Sara said...

I might have to cave and pick this one up, looks great :)