Saturday, August 13, 2011

theories of Eli - a degrassi now or never storyline

I'd been hoping for a schizo storyline for a long while on Degrassi. Especially, with Eli Goldworthy, the Emo kid with a bit of a dark side. He's expressive. Full of creativity.

His character makes me think of the Channel 4 Hollyoak's Newt...who turned up schizo too. Thinking he'd found the perfect girl..he wanted to commit suicide with...or just to get away from his other imaginary foe. Faking his death by jumping off a building.

Degrassi is a Teen Canadian show that's been on air since the 80's. Usually, their writers come up with something cool..but soon fizzles out. While Hollyoaks is a UK teen favorite show and those Brits are ..oh so much darker, grittier and somewhat cruel.

Newt's imaginary friend was a bully named Eli
Then Newt finds Rae. And he has problems dealing if she's real or not. Finally, he does find the real Rae.

Truly, Nico Mirallegro is the better actor who played Newt and has shown from time and time again that he's more than just an EMO KID. But Munro Chambers as Eli on Degrassi has certainly brought some depth to the teen show. He appeared last season telling religious Clare that she had pretty eyes. They hit it off. If only Eli had been more influential as he should have been, making a religious girl want a bad reality, it might have made more sense. But as usual, the writers could have had something really significant..but fizzle. Yet in the end, they made Eli seem somewhat a stalker. As they began this season, he was heavily sedated, feeling numb of what feelings he might still have for Clare.

interesting idea..IMOgene playing on the words of EMO.

In walks Imogene a new character. Usually, she's only with Eli. No one else really talks to her. She talks to them. But she's gotten him to go off his antidepressants and has her own kind of psychology that she uses on him. So it'll be interesting to see if she's really just a figment of his imagination.

HOWEVER: Fans usually make the story better than the original. It looks like Imogene is real. I guess that's why we have Fan Fiction.


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I so need to see an episode of Degrassi for once in my life - everyone is always raving about it! :)

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Its getting exciting again on Hollyoaks!

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Too bad..there could be more to Eli's storyline. I do love Hollyoaks...unfortunately.

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These kind of stories..can really draw you in.

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Wow, this plot line seems pretty cool :)

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I hope you write some fan fic soon!!