Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hesher - dvd review

Sometimes, the creepiest things in life are the people you meet. True this movie is not your genuine horror flick, yet as an independent movie it does expose the true horror of everyday life.

This is a film about a boy, actually. His name is T.J. and he's played beautifully by Devin Brochu. He's lost his mother in a car-wreck and minute by minute you can see he might lose his father too, played by the overwhelmingly depressed Rainn Wilson. Piper Laurie plays the grandmother.

There is just one thing he doesn't want to let go. The car his mother was killed in. When his father lets it go, T.J. starts to break (his arm is already broken from the wreck.. yet on the mend). This is when he meets a stranger, a very hairy and shirtless anti-hero named Hesher played soulessly by Joseph Gordon-Levitts.

What do you do when someone who enjoys burning things and living most days just his jockeys  decides he'll live with you? I guess you just hope he goes away, after awhile.

This is a film thats raw, a bit surreal..yet quite real. If that's not enough T.J. has a bully at school after him, played by Dustin Hill. Thankfully, Nicole (Natalie Portman) a grocery clerk, comes to T.J. rescue. They have a certain bond that is just as gentle as the brutal relationship..T.J. has with Hesher who is crude and violent yet makes himself quite at home.

This is a very indie film. There is nothing commerically slick about it. This film was written and directed by Spencer Susser. This is his first major motion picture. This film is uncanny, rude at times, yet shows the harsh reality of life. And who knows, maybe Hesher will show up somewhere else. This was certainly a film Gordon-Levitts exposes a monster you aren't sure why anyone would love, yet you can't help but watch him on the screen.

Joseph with Director Spencer Susser

STORYLINE: Hesher is a loner. He hates the world and everyone in it. He has long greasy hair and homemade tattoos. He is malnourished and smokes a lot of cigarettes. He likes fire and blowing things up. He lives in his van, until he meets TJ.



Florence said...

He looks like a tramp with long hair hAHAHA
still cute though
Natalie is awesome

Cafe Fashionista said...

What a great cast of characters; I would love to see this film! :)

ellie said...

Joey..just goes to show how talented he really is.

Krystal said...

ooo must see. would be weird knowing he is gone now :(

Winnie said...

Oh I've not even heard of this film and I really love Joseph Gordon Levitt! He's such a great quirky actor.

She is Sara said...

Wow, this looks really good!

meg said...

Such a cool movie!

Krosemarie said...

I actually enjoyed this film a lot. Usually I can't stand films with bullying, but I knew that with Rain Wilson and Joseph Gordon Levitt in it that it would certainly be worth checking out. :)