Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Howling : Reborn - dvd review

So how many HOWLING movies are there now? Maybe it doesn't matter. Still this film is based on James Robert Johnston's novel. The first movie came out in 1981. Of course, you might not find many similarities between the two. Gary Brander wrote the original story which was about a serial killer and a news woman.

This story centers around Will played by bushy eye-brows Landon Liboiron (who I hope doesn't end up being the king of B rated horror films. That award is possibly already owned by Jackson Rathbone). Landon does a good bit of narration in the film, as well. After while, it gets a little irritating and I found myself yelling at the screen Shut UP, Already!

So is the movie that bad?

Yes & No.

Sure, you've got Will who is pretty much a nerd at a very urban-city high school that's in a rather old cathedral of sorts. Only nobody goes to church there, anymore. And he lives with his dad. A senior in high school. He's just by the book Will with those glasses. And he has an obsession with Lindsey Shaw's Eliana. As in, he has these drawings of her in his handy sketchbook he carries with him. His mother was also an artist. So it must run in the family.

Eliana runs with a brutal crowd and pretty soon her bad-ass boyfriend (Niels Schneider who is really French and I would love to see him in a French film) starts to bully sweet Will. Also, Will is turning 18 and well, he feels kind of funny, and this beautiful woman shows up at school. Will starts to wonder if something weird is going on. A gang shows up, and he's invited to a party in the school basement.

A bit out of place in this film, but still he did play a bully, pretty well.  Niels Schneider,

Oh, let the suspense begin. We don't really see the werewolves for quite a while. And Eliana just might be one. Soon enough Will is on the run and Liboiron does all the things he's really good at. He can be scared and suspenseful. Honestly, push come to shove and some day... someone is going to realize that Landon Liboiron should have bad guy roles. But it won't be in this film. Unfortunately.

Its kind of confusing at times. Are they actually having sex? Just making out? Should Will be getting tied up in the library? And sometimes, you think Shaw should be the one carrying around Liboiron instead of  him carrying her. I have to wonder how light she is. But Landon certainly got a work out in this film from lugging her around. And yes, I laughed in all the parts I probably wasn't suppose to, but that's what made the movie fun.

OK, Landon is a musician, as well, and hopefully we'll see that one day in a better film.

Will you get scared? Not really. I wasn't fond of the werewolf rubber suits. But if you are a Landon Liboiron fan.. then by all means... wait until the previewed copy goes on sale. Then screen cap as much as you want. I'm not sure if I got the ending completely. Its complicated.

Too bad there weren't more Jesse Rath moments in the film. His character was funny.

STORYLINE: On the eve of his high school graduation, unremarkable Will Kidman finally bonds with the girl he has long yearned for, reclusive Eliana Wynter. But he also discovers a dark secret from his past... that he is about to become a werewolf. Now, in an effort to fight destiny and save their love as well as their lives, they must battle not only Will\'s growing blood lust but an army of fearsome beasts bent on killing them... and then, us all.



Cafe Fashionista said...

I have never before seen a HOWLING movie. This one looks semi-interesting...maybe I'll check it out. :)

Paislea Elyse said...

thank you for your comment!!

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lucy and sarah said...

That must have been a nice surprise find Neil in his movie!

mazzy may said...

Sometimes, its movies like this that can be more fun than horror.

amy b.s. said...

okay, i'm pretty sure i could never watch this.

meg said...

This is a fun review! I do like Landon. I must confess. I so hope he gets some really good roles. He had a bit part in Daydream Nation..and he was so good in that.

Laura said...

I LOVE Lindsay Shaw, so I just might have to see this!