Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fiction Tuesday- Lost Sommer

This is Vivian Crayton's first published book. Its a story about a girl in Jackson, Mississippi. Its a coming of age story.

Although, Vivian might not be known by a lot of people in the world, yet in her hometown she is quite a role model, and in this book of hard times, and many challenges, her main character breaks through.

The book is seasoned with little quotes of wisdom along the way in the breaks of the chapters.

Its a book with a lot of heart. Some of it, is perhaps harsh, yet its the reality that author knows, very well.

Description: When friendship and loyalty dangles before you, what do you do? In this captivating novel, love no longer binds a lasting relationship. On the other hand, an innocent secret alters the course of many. Let it be known to the world; all relationships have their flaws. With all things constant; selfishness, deceit, and lies are the root for the confusion. Sommer Renee Stillwater, seemingly has an "I" complex. Money, men, and manipulation are the fuels that keep her on the move. Her inability to listen, paralyzes her judgment; thus causing her to be committed to a mental hospital. Then there's Kareem who reads the motives of those around him. Though he remains neutral, he assumes the role of mediator amongst friends. With his concentrated hopes of bringing all things back to a happy medium, his integrity is placed on the chopping block. Lost Sommer openly displays the dysfunction of any relationship, when there are kept secrets and a lack of honest communication. Many of Kareem's friends don't desire to hear what he has to say. However, there is one who pays attention. With acceptance of his criticism, maturity, and growth strengthens their friendship.

Its a good read during the Thanksgiving holidays.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I definitely need to check this book out. Great review! :)

ellie said...

She is a very creative writer.

mazzy may said...

Looks very interesting.

Winnie said...

Happy Thanksgiving! This reminds me that I have several books I need to finish soon...