Monday, November 28, 2011

RED STATE - dvd review

"Three kids find an online advertisement from a woman requesting a group sex session. When they meet up with the woman, they discover that the ad was a ruse. They are sedated with roofies and captured by members of the Five Points Baptist Church, a radical church with similar views to that of the real-life Westboro Baptist Church, the only difference being that, while Westboro pickets and spews hate from a safe distance, Five Points goes the extra step by torturing, punishing and killing the “non-believers” themselves. The plot soon escalates into a full-blown hostage situation, with Five Point members and ATF agents getting into an extremely violent gunfight."-crazyfaced productions.

Some will think Kevin Smith is quite the genius of this film through clever dialogue and such great controversy. To some, it'll be the most scary horror film they've ever witnessed. To others, it was as if this artist was trying to cover too much ground when he made the film.

The movie never really got to the theaters. Perhaps a few, but now it there to get on Netflicks or buy at Wal-mart. Kevin does have a way of bringing his projects to the masses.

During filming Kyle Gallner suffered a panic attack whilst being tied to the cross, which the crew were unaware of at first, thinking he was still acting.

Yet at time, this film feels very B-Rated. Such an extraordinary cast. John Goodman shakes it up on the screen. Kyle Gallner shows so many sides of himself.

However, you may find it hard to watch this film in his pulp fiction like style. But then, again, you might have to buy yourself a copy of this to study. It is a movie that makes you think of how our society is and who is out there among us.

Kevin Smith has a way of getting a Youth in Revolt kind of following.



Cafe Fashionista said...

Gah! This seriously sounds like one of the creepiest films ever. :/

ellie said...

You never know what's gonna come from Kevin's mind.

mazzy may said...

Wow, an intense movie!

Sara said...

I love me some Kevin Smith, but I am terrified of scary movies.