Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fiction Tuesday- The Call

Yannick Murphy is an extra-ordinary writer. I've loved her work ever since reading HERE THEY COME. And I can't be sure if I understood it 100%, it is sometimes complex in her story telling, yet it leaves different interpretations to the reader, which in a sense makes her quite brilliant.

Description: The daily rhythm of a veterinarian’s family in rural New England is shaken when a hunting accident leaves their eldest son in a coma. With the lives of his loved ones unhinged, the veterinarian struggles to maintain stability while searching for the man responsible. But in the midst of their great trial an unexpected visitor arrives, requesting a favor that will have profound consequences—testing a loving father’s patience, humor, and resolve and forcing husband and wife to come to terms with what “family” truly means.
The Call is a gift from one of the most talented and extraordinary voices in contemporary fiction—a unique and heartfelt portrait of a family, poignant and rich in humor and imagination. 

 “Remarkable. . . . The truthful evocation of family is the real triumph of ‘The Call’. There is much love in this novel, and just as much truth about the pain and pleasure of family life. . . . [A] clever and beautiful book.” (Boston Globe )

The story is written as a journal. Perhaps the way a vet would have time to jot down his daily adventures with animals. He mentions what his wife cooked for dinner. What the kids said. Slowly, comes a quaint truth of how their lives evolve and what comes to pass with events and people. Its a sincere book and so originally written.

Languages are best learned young, when there’s the chance you’ll mean what you say later in life.
Yannick Murphy, Here They Come


Cafe Fashionista said...

This looks like such a fantastic read. As someone who has always admired veterinarians, I imagine I would love this book! :)

ellie said...

She is a wonderful writer of children and adult books. & she has an unusual way of storytelling.

Stephanie said...

I just finished the hunger games series and am looking for my next read - i'll be checking this one out!

Sara said...

Wow, this is really cool!

Winnie said...

This totally makes me want to pick up a new book to read!

Gianella Peralta said...

Thought provoking book, I see. I shall try it! :)