Saturday, December 3, 2011

Love & Distrust - dvd review

If only these two could have been in the movie. They weren't.

This really isn't a full length movie where you can get attached to the characters. Instead, its four movie shorts. Its got a great cast and some very unique directors. Unfortunately, these so called love stories that have more time to develop than lets say I LOVE NEW YORK or the French version (I LOVE PARIS). Still, we feel cheated.

If only its theme were more genuine. I would have enjoyed this film more if perhaps all the stories took place in the late sixties. Perhaps the first two do. One takes place in Franch. The other Australia. Out of all the shorts, I have to say the Sam Worthington one was the best. Although, he looks nothing in this film as I think of him.

This segment was actually made way back in 2004.

Blue Poles is about a chance meeting. A country boy picks up a hippie chick played by Hallie Shelman who I'm not sure is even acting anymore. This short is about free love, but one has to wonder what's really free about it. He writes about her in his journal, and she reads it while he's in the shower. Of course, we never really know for sure if she's pregnant, but there are signs. Its rather predictable. Worthington's character is a good guy. Of course, she doesn't want a good guy. Yet still, it has its merits. He might even know the real her, but she doesn't want to stick around and find out.

Many of the stories are kind of sad. Robert Pattinson is in the first short, Summer House. Only, he isn't it long enough. Although, he has a tan and quite the lamb chops. His character is the one who cheated on his first love, but has written many letters to her over the summer. Although, I think the real story of this 1969 story with the back drop of walking on the moon, is perhaps the old French houskeeper doing her best to make the girl(Jane) in story, Talulah Riley, feel romantic again along with the hide and seek romance going on with her great Aunt and the old houskeeper's hubby.

James Franco Grasshopper segment might have been the strangest. Its a man on the train who loses his phone. A drunk girl (Rachel Miner)  has it and its not a mystery really worth figuring out.

Amy Adams in Pennies..fell short too. You felt so bad for her waitress character having to put up with these weird customers, all the while she needs money and is desperate, yet you felt the end kind of silly.

Then Lorraine Bracco's Auto Motives made no sense at all. What was the point. Sure it starred Robert Downey Jr., except he's in it may all of a minute..maybe. It was just too busy.

Yes, its one DVD you want to stay away from. If this is art, it really didn't touch me.

STORYLINE: Tale of the passions and perils of love in all its forms. Five unique short films that focus on the lives of a group of beautiful yet troubled twenty-somethings, this compilation explores the dark heart of romance, the secrets we can never tell and the heartache it can cause. Battling temptation and the pull of seduction, the fight for love can never be easy.



ellie said...

This was a very strange flick. I very much agree. If only it could have been the movie on the poster. I would have liked it better too.

Cafe Fashionista said...

This looks like a fantastic movie; and what an incredible cast of characters! :)

meg said...

Sounds very interesting!

molly said...

Sometimes, I think I could have written a better script for this project.