Friday, January 6, 2012

Angel Crest - movie review

You might not hear a lot of buzz about this movie. It opened Dec. 30. to small audiences. Preferable movie festivals in Canada. Or at Get

This is Gaby Dellal's first directorial movie. The script was written by Catherine Trieschmann, based on Leslie Schwartz's novel.

The movie has a very talented cast, starring Josh Morgan, Thomas Dekker, and Kate Walsh to name a few. Its an intense story about a young father and his son out on a snowy exhibition. A horrible thing happens. The rest of the movie is set against how the towns people react to what happens. Each seems to have their own secrets.

The back drop exposes the Canadian beauty of winter. The con of this movie is the question... are these characters really that interesting? Does the story have the depth it needs?  Yet at the same time, its great to see Thomas Dekker taking on these sort of roles. His emotions run deep in the horror of his plight.

If you need a wintery movie, filled with a certain intense horror, this might be your movie. I have to say, I always love to see what Joseph Morgan can do in a movie. He's one of my favorite actors this past year.

STORYLINE: During the first snow of the year 3 year-old Nate Denton wanders away from his father's truck and disappears. The fevered search for him ends with the devastating discover of his tiny, frozen body. Nate's death throws the small foothills community of Angel's Crest into disarray. The inhabitants confront what Nate's death means to them and in the face of that struggle they deal with their own concepts of right and wrong.



Cafe Fashionista said...

This looks like such a moving film. Great review! :)

meg said...

I so want to see this.

mazzy may said...

Wow, I gotta see Joseph.

Sara said...

Looks moving, but I am not sure if I could watch it, too sad :(

meg said...

It does look sad.