Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Good Neighbors - dvd review

Scott Speedman might not be in the latest UNDERWORLD movie (which is quite a shame), but you can catch him in a Canadian movie with Jay Baruchel and Emily Hampshire. Unfortunately, the movie never played many theaters, this past July. Perhaps it had to do with it being a winter film, and no one could possibly think of Jay Baruchel being serious in a thriller.

The story starts out, pretty normal. Three English speaking folks in a French-Canadian/English speaking Quebec neighborhood. The story takes place in 1995. They seem friendly enough. But it starts to get twisted when there is a serial killer about.

As the story progresses, we start to wonder about these three. Especially, Speedman's character who is wheel chair bound. Is one of them seeing things, in the dark of night? Perhaps all three are just a bit insane. Or this is what drives them to destruction when they can trust no one, and there is a killer on the lose.

“swerving from bland to brutal, endearingly coy to shockingly explicit”-New York Times Review

Perhaps, this storyline has been done before, but it takes a trio, scene by scene to see how the characters develop and react to each other...with just a bit of craziness.

What really makes the story is the secrets they find out about each other.

Xavier Dolan speaks in English in this movie!

STORYLINE: Takes place in 1995, the year of the second referendum on the separation of Quebec. In the dead of winter, a serial killer is on the loose in the small Montreal neighborhood of Notre Dame de Grace. The tenants of an old apartment house must figure out who they can trust and who they can't.

Writer/Director Jacob Tierney and producer Kevin Tierney behind the scenes of Good Neighbors (2011).



Who stole who's look?

Jay Baruchel

Xavier Dolan


Cafe Fashionista said...

I LOVE Jay Baruchel - so need to see this film! :)

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This really looks cool.

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Its got such a great cast!

Sara said...

I LOVE JAY!!! <3

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I'd definitely love to hear Xavier speak English!

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I love Scott Speedman!