Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I just want my pants back - TV review

But it wasn’t love. It was some kind of unscratchale itch. It was crying three A.M. phone calls and screaming in an un-air-conditioned car at stoplights over directions and generally expending vast amounts of energy and passion playing devil’s advocate on points I really didn’t care about but couldn’t leave alone. But maybe that was love, someone who could drive you crazy, someone you couldn’t ignore even when you wanted to, who got under your skin.
I Just Want My Pants Back (David J. Rosen)


There are gonna be a few out there that can't stand this show. Maybe, even a lot of haters, in fact. After all, they don't want to see a show about 20-somethings in the big apple who only talk about sex, constantly. And we know the uproar SKINS brought to MTV.

It came to my realization that very few people were doing what they wanted to be doing; they just got caught up in whatever they were doing long enough that it became who they were.
I Just Want My Pants Back (David J. Rosen)

But we do have an older crowd(of age ). And I have to say, I thought the writing was pretty sharp. I love the supporting cast. Especially, the couple Eric (Jordan Carlos) and Stacey (Elisabeth Hower). Of course, I'm so happy to see Peter Veck as Jason, the main character. Although, we see a guy who gets in such peculiar situations which is practically drive by sex, still one has to wonder if he'd(Jason) act the same way if he were left in the mid-west, closer to his parents.

Funny to girls, is like boobs to guys.
I Just Want My Pants Back

Elisabeth Bower, Jordan Carlos, Kim Shaw and Peter Veck

Yet, where ever you are, there are going to be friends like this. Some grow up, some just find a way to advert what we might truly think of them. I like the idea that these friends are open enough to discuss everything. This is definitely a show experimenting with possibly the writing staffs experiences, young and free in New York City.

"I like your potentially clouded judgment."- Jason 

Its truly an adventure in each episode. And these are characters we wonder if they'll ever learn from their mistakes. Will they want too? Perhaps they are better than they even know. It'll be interesting to see where MTV will take this show. So far, I'm eager to see what's next.

Yes, I suspect there will be LOTS of haters of this show. But I still find it fun, and unique to watch.

Warning, this show is gritty. You might find the females rather harsh, yet all of them are bit sexually aggressive and yet passive on love.

STORYLINE: Struggling with sex, love, career and friendship as a young twenty-something living in Brooklyn, Jason is the ultimate slacker who puts hanging with his friends, going to bars and hooking up above his entry level job where he's the lowest rung at a casting agency. It's not until a one night stand steals his heart and his pants, that he begins a quest to get his beloved jeans back, and hopefully the girl, while also growing up along the way.



Cafe Fashionista said...

I seriously need to catch an episode of this show - it sounds like such a blast! :)

ellie said...

I can't help but watch it!

meg said...

This show goes places I never knew it would go!

Winnie said...

This doesn't seem like the type of thing I usually watch to be honest. Interesting story line though!

Sara said...

Oh this sounds like such a cool show! I might need to catch up on it :)