Saturday, March 31, 2012

A ghost of a character

The Love affair of a Vampire and a ghost. No one did it better than the original Being Human. Fans are afraid that Annie will be leaving the show next. photo credit

When it comes to super natural shows, it always helps to have remarkable characters. Thankfully, this has crossed over in both versions of the TV show, Being Human. Honestly, I can't decide which actress I like best in the British or American version of this show who plays the ghost. I guess, I love this character.

Lenora Crichlow Tumblr

Back in 2008, Lenora Crichlow started the character Annie. Of course, she might have never been seen if it hadn't been for a vampire and werewolf. Her character showed such a vulnerable girl who was killed in the stairway where her roommates reside. But as the show developed so did her character.  Through her, we see the magic of the supernatural and all the qualms that come with it.

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In the American version, the role of the ghost is played by Canadian actress Meaghan Rath as Sally the ghost. Its basically the same role. Her character has many problems to solve. She finds herself in so many tricky situations with the undead as well as with the living. Especially, when your mentor is a reaper.

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meg said...

Both are amazing actresses!

Cafe Fashionista said...

This sounds like such an interesting film! :)

lucy and sarah said...

I'm thankful the writers were worthy enough to this premise to make a go of it with the American version. Sally is just great. I admire Annie so much on the BBC version too.

Sara said...

I really wish I watched more TV, this show looks pretty good!