Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Walking Dead Notes

Men at work.

Lets just say I've been devastated the last two episodes of this show on AMC. Although, I understand, its a show about zombies. and its expected for the characters' days to be numbered. And actors get opportunities to be in new projects, so I suppose its a good time for some to go before others.

the walking dead amc

John Berthnal's Shane had been going a little mental the last few weeks wanting everything his way. It was the start of a downward spiral of things. Still, I didn't see that coming. In one sense I felt the writers were getting bold, and yet I kept he just crazy? John Berthnal officially joined TNT's L.A. Noir.

However, I do think the writers should have more of a handle on the kid Karl. He wonders around quite a bit without any grownup supervision. And now he's got a gun. Although, I realize in the story we have only one small child in the cast who is growing up and having to cope with this catastrophe. But the one scene where he's throwing rocks at the zombie stuck in the mud was like watching someone with a deathwish. Then there is the issue of how he stole the gun. Then it was OK for him to keep the gun.

Poor Dale!
 "Don't Talk. Think."- Rick

Before, this was the issue of Dale trying to persuade the rest of the group not to kill Randall (Michael Zegen) they'd saved in town. Honestly, this was the most idiotic issue I've seen in the story. I mean, they saved this kid, and his leg just to turn around to torture him to find out about the group he's in. And then to worry..well, they might find him, and then it might be war.

Interesting fact, Michael and John went to college together. source
Confirmed- Michonne will be in season 3& possibly make her first appearance in the season finale “Beside the Dying Fire” with her two zombie pets.source

Yet the real issue the virus of the zombies. How does it happen? Do you have to be bitten by another zombie to have it. Will their blood on your eye or a wound make you change? Or, rule of Zombieland (or Night of the Living Dead)..anybody who dies is likely to come back as a zombie.

These kind of things happen when you get mixed up with your best friends wife..with or without zombies.

The pressure of surviving in a world turn upside down just keeps getting full of surprises on THE WALKING DEAD. Really, though, I'm sure Shane died of a broken heart. If only, they would have listened to Dale. Of course, we might never get the real storylines that Robert Kirkman invented in his comic series into the TV series.



Cafe Fashionista said...

I seriously need to check this show out. It sounds/looks awesome! :)

Linda said...

I was hoping Shane wouldn't turn out so rotten. I really hope Jimmy gets more lines now.

lucy and sarah said...

I'm looking forward to tonight's episode.