Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cinema Verite

This is a film that HBO films produced. Its about the first reality show back in 1973 on PBS. As if we didn't know it was a bad idea that might ruin a family.

Of course, back in the 70's families were larger. The norm was a family of 7. Mom, Dad and five kids. The Loud family looked like the perfect family. The kids were popular. The Mom stayed at home. One might think the show was after the underbelly of those smiles.

Diane Lane played the almost modern mom. She was stay at home. She wanted her kids' dreams to come true. A chain smoker, tanned. Her life looked so easy. In the beginning we sort of think..well, isn't she a bit selfish? Letting her husband do all the hard work. Tim Robbins played the Dad, and sure, he looks like a hard working husband who doesn't get enough attention. Perhaps he's a little jealous of all the thrills the kids get to play out.

Naturally, we get a real eye opener with Thomas Dekker's performance as Lance. The oldest son. He's gay and rather flamboyant. Although, very close to his mom even if he's moved to New York City to find his dreams. His performance his quite memorable in the film.

Yet, I have to admitted one performance that was just as earnest and sincere would have to be Nick Eversom's performance as Grant. Eversom gets to sing in the movie and is perhaps the son who takes the brunt of everything. There are times, you wonder if he's just a bit too spoiled. Yet as the family falls a part, he's there to help.

If you want to a bit of nostalgia or into retro, this is the film to watch. It will certainly make you want to look up the LOUD FAMILY on You Tube and see the real deal.

The costuming and settings were certainly genuine. Also Patrick Fugit as the camera guy was perfect for the role too.

An American Family, 1973
Filmed using the documentary style called Cinema Verite, it was one of the first reality shows, forever changing the history of television. Cinema Vertie is a style of documentary filmmaking that is controversial partly because of how it would provoke its subjects in order to set up a driving plot to for audiences to find intriguing. The documentary was controversial because critics and audiences argued that the it was because of the show that Bill and Pat Loud separated after 21 years of marriage.-anire

Now on DVD.



Cafe Fashionista said...

I would love to see this film. It looks so interesting; and I love the 70s era! :)

Sara said...

I think I would love to see this! I love the 70's, and it looks pretty interesting.

Elizabeth Victoria Clark said...

I've been wanting to see this film for ages! So glad it's on dvd now. x E

meg said...

Such an amazing performance from Thomas Dekker!