Saturday, May 26, 2012


Gabriel Mann , Nick Wechsler and Connor Paolo-Vi

Who knew Mike Kelly would have a hit on Wednesday nights, especially on ABC. But this is the guilty pleasure that has all the right characters. Or ..maybe a really sweet cast of season actors. Combining noble and nasty storylines with some amazing performances and you've got a show you'd watch a marathon of..even on a Saturday afternoon. Its a show definitely worth the repeats.

The finale was so different. We find out that Amanda's little sister Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) has set her own revenge against Declan (Connor Paolo..who I'm so glad got this role so we could see his range of acting), her once beau that she feels has betrayed her over the storyline this season. She gets back at a new school friend at their private school. But soon feels bad about it, even if she is trying to pose as her mother on the phone telling the school that Declan is bullying her daughter. How revengeful is that?

Soon enough, Emily/Amanda(Emily VanCamp) tells Daniel(Joshua Bowman) the truth about her and Jack(Nick Wechsler). Then she goes in to battle to save Nolan (Gabriel Mann) from the scary guy who is helping the Greyson family, maybe. We find out later this old white haired just EVIL.

In the course of the finale you find out how mean the Greysons can be to each other. And its such fun to watch. But then you begin to this what happens when being rich gets the best of you?

Daniel of course, pours a drink for Ashley(Ashley Madekwe). Lord knows where that might go.

The Most Shocking Twist!

Oh, and Emily thinks she might come clean about who she really is with Jack..just to find a pregnant Fake Amanda waiting at the bar with Jack. Oh, such just a sweet and sour punch to hand over to Emily in the end, who had traded her life in. So sad.

But, Mrs. Greyson (Madeleine Stowe)has left the building. Boarded a plane..and now a fiery death?  Poor Charlotte sees the disaster unfold on the TV and downs a bottle of pills. Could this be the end? Or does everyone have their REVENGE to get into next season?



ellie said...

I was so wondering when the fake Amanda would be back. That was a shocker!

Cafe Fashionista said...

I cannot believe I have never seen this show before. Definitely purchasing it on DVD when it's released - it sounds incredible! :)

meg said...

Such a fantastic finale! I'm glad the fake Amanda is back. She is definitely an amazing actress.