Sunday, May 13, 2012

TV Moms

Lots of actors who were once favorites in Teen shows are now Moms of teens on new shows. Hope you are having a wonderful Mother's day.

She plays Anne Jurgens the mother on THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER. Molly is showing her intense side on the show. Of course, she hasn't had it easy with her marriage, either on the show. But in real life Molly is the mother to twins.

Holly Marie Combs got her start on Picket Fences, but we probably remember her best on CHARMED, and we were really glad to see her as  the teacher and very protective mother of Aria on PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. Of course, Combs did have to take a break from the show during her real life pregnancy.

Nia Peeples was in NORTH SHORE (1988). Her first series was FAME. She was also in the TV series Nasty Boys. She's played everything from a performer to a detective, and is now Emily's Mom on Pretty Little Liars.
Natasha Henstridge got her start in SPECIES. She went on to be in THE WHOLE NINE YARDS and even THE WHOLE TEN YARDS. She was also in the TV series SHE SPIES. Now she play's Faye's Mom on THE SECRET CIRCLE. She is one witch you don't want to mess with. She's also the principal at the high school on the show.
Lea Thompson had some great lines in BACK TO THE FUTURE. She was also the perfect girlfriend to want in SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL. But now she's a mother going through a terrible ordeal none would want, about her daughter being SWITCHED AT BIRTH.


lucy and sarah said...

Its good to see these women on TV.

Cafe Fashionista said...

What a great post for Mother's Day! I LOVE Lea Thompson. :)

Linda said...

I love Lea Thompson too!

meg said...

Wow, some busy ladies. That's interesting about Faye's Mom.