Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fiction Tuesday - Dead to You

 Author, Lisa McMann has done it again. Her voice is so true and genuine in this first person account of what happens when the lost boy comes home to a family he's yearned to know. She's written such poignant YA novels! The WAKE triology. CRYER'S CROSS. THE UNWANTEDS.

Ethan was abducted from his front yard when he was just seven years old. Now, at sixteen, he has returned to his family.
It’s a miracle… at first.
Then the tensions start to build. His reintroduction to his old life isn’t going smoothly, and his family is tearing apart all over again.
If only Ethan could remember something, anything, about his life before, he’d be able to put the pieces back together. But there’s something that’s keeping his memory blocked. Something unspeakable…-book description

Tyler Posey would definitely be Ethan in my dreamcast for this book.

"This book reminded me of the movie with Michelle Pfeiffer, The Deep End of the Ocean. Similar scenario as this book. I really enjoyed reading this book. The ending of the book is really unexpected. Throughout the book, you get little hints of where the ending may be leading to, but still, reading it happen is really unexpected."-the book-lover

Cami's story is interesting as well, how she knew Ethan when he was 7.

Its interesting to me that the book mentioned Nebraska and how in that state you can drop off any child you don't want anymore at the hospital. The state will take them. Thus the influx of group homes.

The book grips you and takes you behind Ethan's eyes. But is that really even Ethan? Who are you? You start to ask as you read this book. The book definitely gives you the fill of what its like to be so alone on the street and how there are so many throw away teenagers in this country. So McMann is tackling two difficult situations in this story.

Because if you don’t have at least one person believing in you, then there’s not much reason to give a shit about anything.
Dead to You (Lisa McMann)

There were parts of the story that made me think of Nicholas Dane where he was just a boy that wanted the simplest thing. Somebody to love him. Especially to have his own  girlfriend and family. Something most of us take for granted. - ellie

"I just finished reading this book. Normally I take a long time to finish a book, no matter how thick or thin but this time i finished it in 2 days. . and lets just say I LOVE IT! I'm still in shock tho. !!!!!!!! "-amy

Feels like I’m in a play and I don’t know all my lines.
Lisa McMann, Dead to You


Krystal said...

sounds intense!

Cafe Fashionista said...

This sounds like such an incredible novel! I'm adding it to my Wish List right now! :)

caitlin and megan said...

It does sound like a novel that won't let go of you.

Sara said...

I love your dream casts! They always seem to fit perfectly!

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying I didn't like the ending. Still, it makes you want to write about the character because you care about him..and what might happen to him.

meg said...

I do want Tyler to do more serious stuff. Sounds like a very poignant story.

monica said...

wow sounds like a great read. there needs to be more quality young adult books